Monday, 17 September 2018


                               Sunday Photo Fiction – Sept 16 2018

DSCF1134 (2)

                                  Thanks for the Photo Prompt : Susan Spaulding

The Sun had already begun its work of burnishing his body with its heat. He 

would flaunt his body to his colleagues after their holiday. She smeared 

generously the suntan lotion on his back. He woke up from his reverie.

The azure waters gently kissed his toes and a smile spread on his face. He tore 

open the Chips packet to munch its salty and spicy contents. After relishing, 

he was about to litter it in the sea when she grimaced and a volley of 

reprimands followed,” keep the water bodies free of plastic”

“Where do I throw this?” he meekly asked.

“Shove it in the duffel bag”, she commanded him.

The teacher in her would not relax even on a holiday, he sighed.


                                         written for : Sunday Photo Fiction.

word count : 124

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