Friday, 7 September 2018


                                                 Thanks for the prompt Gah Learner.

The sheer curtain fluttered with the slight draught. The streetlights were lit. Her 

labored breathing and a constant eye outside the window narrowed the bushy eyebrows 

of the masked character with suspicion.

She pressed the teddy closer to her body. It sent warm shivers down her each pore as 

the cold metal pressed against the temples.

“Sit upright”, barked the intruder as her frame started to slip down.

“Wait till the moon-rise”, she consoled herself. It did rise. Energy burst from its fur. The 

hunter became the hunted. “Well done Teddy”, as she dials the Police over his limp body.


                         Written for : Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Rochelle-Wisoff.

Word count : 100

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