Saturday, 9 March 2019

second innings

"Amma, should I pickle the mangoes? You love mango 


"Don't take the trouble, Neha. I have stopped having 


"She is so enthusiastic", sighs the old lady. "After-all she has 

a new life", concluded the senior citizen.

"Munna, drink your milk. You will grow up to be a strong 

boy", said the doting grandmother.

Neha and Munna will leave for Pune after two days and the house will be again empty as 

her heart. How different it was three years ago. Her heart and the house was filled with 

happiness and laughter. She would prepare evening snacks and tea and the dining table 

resonated with the happenings of the day. She was so active and full of energy. Until 

that fateful day dawned, which snatched away  her will to live. Neha was weeping 

inconsolably with Munna in her arms. Relatives and friends had gathered to pay 

condolences. After the final rites they were left grieving. Neha joined office while she 

took care of Munna.  Her little grandchild was her solace and succor and her life 

revolved around him.

Neha found love again. She did not approve of the relationship but she kept mum. How 

can Neha forget her first love? Can the new man in her life, love and care for Munna 

with the same fervour as his biological father? Couldn't Neha remain single for the sake 

of her only son? These questions plagued her mind and she felt miserable. 

Neha understood the old lady's anxieties. She sat besides her and took the wrinkled 

hands into hers and lovingly said,"Amma, I can read your mind. My first love will always 

dwell in my heart. I just made a little space in my heart for the new person. Life is a 

long road."  

Tears trickled down her eyes. How selfish she was! Wouldn't she expect her son to re-

marry in case of Neha's demise? Why was she having double standards? As a former 

teacher she had always stood up for gender equality. Now was time to implement it in 

the true sense. She wiped her tears and got up.

"When you will come to Mumbai again, Munna?" , asked the 

grandma as Munna touched her feet.

"Very soon , Amma", replied Neha. "After his final exams, 

we will be shifting to Mumbai for good".

When God closes one door , he opens another door. There 

was no place for grief, thought the old lady.

I'm Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Word - March 2019

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    1. Excellent Kalpana... Loved the way you have expressed about mother's dilemma..too good👌👌

  2. So true. When God closes one door he opens another
    Noce take on the prompt

    1. Whe HE opens a new door or window, one should make use of the opportunity . Thanks Bhagyashree.

  3. Wonderful..I was actually gone into that mother's shoes for some time. Thank you for sucha a good narration

    1. Thanks Suha V. for sharing a small part of your life. No one is born with empathy but empathy is cultivated on the passage of time and experiences.

  4. There will come a day when all women and men think like this. Lets hope its soon enough.

  5. Nice take on the prompt! It takes quite an effort to let go of our inhibitions. I hope Neha will find happiness again.

    1. She has found love again and Amma has an understanding DIL/daughter in Neha. Thanks Esha.

  6. Could see the emotional turmoil eroding the spirit of Amma. Life definitely is a long road and one does need companion. Well woven story, Kalpana

    1. Life is a long road and one does require a partner to traverse the distance. Thanks Anagha Y for reading and commenting.

  7. Touching story.
    Grandma's & mom-in-law's dilemma indeed. Neha has a point.
    You have presented the emotions so well.

    1. Every coin has two sides and both have to be looked into and understood. Thanks Dr. Anita S. for reading and commenting.

  8. True .... both sexes need a partner in the long life journey...

  9. Touching and heart warming story. Glad that both of them moved on from the grief and looked ahead in life.


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