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The dictionary meaning of trust is firm belief in the reliability , truth or ability of 

someone or something. The synonyms are belief, faith confidence reliance, conviction.

The true meaning runs much deeper. Trust is intangible and can be felt from the heart.

A child doesn't know the meaning of trust but when she holds her mother's little finger 

she feels safe.

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A mother has full faith in her upbringing and values imparted and hence trusts her child 

that he will never let her down or stray on the wrong path.

An eloping lass has reposed her full trust in her Man that he will never betray her.

An employer trusts his honest employee and hands over the running of the business to 


A devotee in a temple prays to God and trusts Him to find a way out though he has never 

seen Him but has explicit faith in Him.

A patient in the operation theater trusts his surgeon whom he is not familiar with.

But trust is fragile and frangible. The receiver and giver of the trust, both have to be on 

the same page. If scalding deceit creeps into anyone of the duo, the cup of trust breaks.

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Trapeze artists in a circus have to trust their own reflexes as well as in the other artist.

They have an anchor net in case of a slip. Same is the case in real life.

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A couple has to cement each brick of their home with trust. The long innings of 

friendship go on mutual understanding and trust.

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Trust is a key that unlocks many hearts and relationships. Beware !! Hand it over to the 

right person.

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Trust is a rope with myraid strands of love , belief, understanding and patience 

intertwined to gain strength.
                         What happens when trust is broken? 

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Do you blame yourself for heaping trust on the person? Is Karma to be blamed? Or do you 

console yourself that the other person is wronged and not you? Or you feel let down for 

misjudging the other person? The questions are many but the answer or solution may be a 

mirage on the horizon.

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What does one do after the incident? Get up, dust off oneself and move ahead? The 

incident may be hard to forget or even forgive?  Should the other person be confronted ? 

Can one trust the other person again? A lady can forgive her husband of infidelity but she 

cannot have the same faith and confidence in him. A reformed convict will  have a 

shadow of distrust looming large over him.

Remember not to invest your trust blindly. At times follow your gut instinct. Never ever 

break anyone's firm belief in you. 

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        Readers, were you ever at the receiving end? Share your experiences.

      I'm Writing Bravely For the Write Tribe Festival of Words - March 2019.

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  2. TRUST....It holds a lot of weight, and also a lot of responsibility!
    Yes, the moment you feel let down by someone, it's best to just move on, but never forget the lessons you learned.

  3. I too can never forget the trust broken but prefer to move on. Thanks Shilpa G. for reading and commenting.

  4. Takes a long time to build trust but a second to destroy it all!

  5. Trust ... such a heavy word ... you have aptly showed how we should trust the other person and if we do not do so then trust of cup can be broken as well. Nice take on the prompt.

    1. Thanks Shubhra R for the encouraging words. Trust is a heavy intangible words which can be felt.

  6. Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient and is the foundation that holds all relationships. To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. So, one should never break someone's trust.

    1. Trust is like fossil fuel. It takes years to built trust but a split second to break it. Thanks Shilpa Garg for reading and commenting.

  7. You have valid pointers on when trust is broken. It's disheartening, and many a times even I ponder over those same questions.

    Maybe we ought to not have such expectations from anyone! Trust or no trust? *thinking aloud*

    1. It is very human to expect something from others. When trust is broken there is no noise but lots of shards. Thanks Ruchira K. for reading and commenting.

  8. Our lives are a complex web of relationships. Trust can bond or brake the relationships. You have covered the entire gamut of the "trust" so well that I could not be appreciate your discerning eye!

    1. Thanks Anagha Y for the appreciative comment. You have made my day.

  9. Great points & examples.
    Totally agree with you.
    Trust is very fragile. Better take care.

    1. Thanks Dr. Anita S for appreciating.Trust has to be nurtured.


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