Sunday, 12 May 2019

ups and downs

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                                                                          Cover art from Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division (1979)

Straight lines, I drew,
mountains you brew,
peaks you considered.
distances apart , I Interpreted.

I tried to stretch the barrier,
But you got angrier.
You held on to your creation,
while I fumbled with caution.

I languished,
waiting for a slice of you.
I dusted myself, drew the border
of sanity and retreated.

                                          written for : imaginary garden with real toads.




  2. I recognize this relationship. Maybe good to have some distance.

    1. Some distance is necessary and thank you for the wonderful prompt Marian.

  3. I think there are every reason to be careful...

    1. caution is always necessary. Thanks Brudberg.

  4. This speaker is so much more patient that most of us. In all relationships, both people must compromise... But when one refuses to give in even a little, nothing comes of it. Regardless of how much one waits--until skin and desires collect dust--people who won't bend with us, in order to fit each other, always end up alone.

    It's good that the speaker walks away, a bit worse for wear... but the options will come.

  5. I am reading the creation story of God and the Devil. Of course God wins, he always does. I liked the rhyme in the stanza one and two and tried to see if there was something in three. You definitely is an "A" rhyme with drew and brew.
    Thank you for peeking in on me.

  6. Walk away, nay, run away. This relationship is doomed

  7. I love that last stanza. You do what you need to do to stay sane.

  8. so many don't ever retreat... sounds like you are wise.

  9. I like "mountains you brew' - such a great image. Sometimes you just have to draw that line.


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