Wednesday, 3 July 2013


From the time I have started blogging, my yoga session and walks 

have minimized. Earlier I had a full 45 minute yoga workout and  

a brisk walk of 30-45 minutes. This activity lubricates my body 

machinery  keeping it running unhindered  and smoothly, without 

a  breakdown. 

But this new found passion is reducing my physical  activity and I 

have turned into a 'couch potato' rather  a 'chair potato' in front 

of  the computer screen. My son complains that PC (not Priyanka 

Chopra) has become my new-found love and the center of 

attention is shifted from my apple-of -my-eye to different kind of 

Apple. But my mind is brimming with activity albeit of a 

different kind. Along with the planning of the menu for the day, I 

am planning my agenda for writing. I  am enjoying my tryst with 

blogging. Like a teen-aged girl fallen in love ,I keep clicking 

buttons, reading the writings of my co-bloggers and commenting . 

I am happy with the exchange of ideas.

But two days ago, I felt that  I am over-indulging in my new  found 

passion and have decided to take remedial steps.

They are :   (1)  Revive my yoga sessions.

(2) Continue to walk either in the house (when it rains) or enjoy a 

brisk walk outdoors.

(3) My reading and writing will continue along with the household 


(4) Pay (more) attention to my son.

(5) Solve Sudoku and crossword puzzles. 

(6) Call up some friends. The talks are long over-due.

(7) Learn some new dishes from friends and neighbours.

Along with the mind the body too has to be kept fit ,healthy and 

agile. A healthy mind exists in a healthy body.

How do you keep yourselves fit? Do share with me.

Source : Goggle Images.

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