Friday, 5 July 2013



Conversation is defined as a form of interactive, spontaneous communication between two or more people who are following rules of etiquette.

Travelling aboard the B.E.S.T.( city bus), I noticed two girls in school uniform sitting quietly and smiling to each other. I felt it very unusual as the usual chattering was missing. On close observation, I noticed that the girls were 'conversing' in sign language blissfully unaware of the world around them.They were bereft of the power of speech and hearing. But their cheerful faces and the movement of their hands spoke of the cheerful exchange of wordless words.

But we are gifted with the power of speech and the blessings to hear. Then shouldn't we exercise this option of conversation? Sociologists say that conversation is a dying art and unless humans revive it , they are in danger of isolating themselves from fellow humans.We do not have the patience to engage or initiate another person into conversation nor we have the courtesy to lend an ear to another person. We live on a self-centered island of aloofness distancing  ourselves from our brethren. We wear fake masks of prudishness and do not make eye contact.Conversation has reduced to a formality of greeting and acknowledgement. Even if someone were to break the ice we are in a hurry to end the talk. Communication is not wholly but only a part of conversation. Texting on cell-phones and  interacting on social networking  sites  are the new forms of communication . But can they replace the heart-to-heart talk between two people? In the good old days when the wireless technology had not made inroads  into our lives , people prided themselves in conversing to maintain healthy relationships.

But public speaking courses are mushrooming. We love to debate , argue, beat the opponents at words with great confidence. There are debates and talk shows on all channels of television. We need our conversational skills in group discussions to outdo each other to emerge victorious as we cannot digest defeat.

In a nuclear family of four people caged in small apartments , there is hardly any dialogue at the dinner table. The elders will be in constant touch with their work base and the kids will be busy on play-stations or lap-tops.

Let us unlock our doors, go across and talk to neighbors.Pick up the phones and inquire the well-being of siblings and cousins.Converse heartily with friends. Talk to your old parents. They need your company and not necessarily your money.Plan an outdoor picnic with the family and let laughter flow. This exercise is good for our heart and lungs.
So readers how regularly are you in touch with your friends and family?