Thursday, 25 July 2013


I fell down and was hurt. The impact of the fall made me numb. I looked around to find people around me laughing and  making fun of me. My face felt warm with the sudden gush of blood. My body was bruised. The wounds caused by the fall were not so painful as compared to the hurt and callous attitude of the by-standers.The scars on my body would heal but the scars inflicted on my psyche would take long to heal.

I got up,  dusted my clothes ,'straightened my hair and rolled up my sleeves. I stared hard at the by-standers  and putting my best foot forward, confidently asked whether anyone had not stumbled or fallen on the road of life. They looked at each other nervously and started to disperse. Among the thinning crowd came a maiden  with a twinkle in her eyes and said that she had fallen down many times. Fallen to rise up and
again to fall down. Every fall  is a lesson to keep on trying, harder and harder without committing the same set of mistakes but to be vigilant of every pothole or deathtrap.The fear of  falling flat on the ground  is not akin to defeat but defeat lies in not gathering oneself or the refusal to march forward. It is human to stumble . But it is super-human to get up and try again. The wounds on the body may be gone but the impact of the fall will leave a deep imprint on the mind. This imprint on the mind will act as a reminder of the futile attempts  which in turn will be an impetus to defeat the demon of fear and inch towards the goal.

I extended my hand to the 'fair' maiden. She smiled and extended hers. Together we marched hand-in-hand , ahead. Lady luck had indeed smiled upon me. The dark clouds of uncertainty faded to replace it with sunshine.