Tuesday, 23 July 2013


In my last post ,  THE ANONYMOUS WELL- WISHER,

we heard one side of the coin . Here is another side to it. Read.............


Kalpana : "The maid hasn't come today and I am dead tired. I have a presentation after 3 days".

Rajiv :  "Hmmmm" . His head buried in the lap-top and the cordless phone on his shoulder , trying to call his office colleague.


Kalpana : "Rajiv, please do the dishes. I am tired". 
raising her voice slightly.

Rajiv : "I will do the dishes tomorrow." 
without even looking up.

Kalpana : Now fuming. "Right now, I said. I am waiting for the past 10 minutes, Rajiv".

Rajiv:  "Instead of standing and shouting, you could have done the dishes by now. Don't you see I am busy."

Kalpana : "Even I have preparations to make for my presentation. I have cooked dinner today. You can do the dishes at least". 


The pitch of their voices filtered through the four walls of their match-box size apartment to reach the ears of their neighbours. Their verbal tirade did not subside . They were now standing face-to-face with their tempers bursting at the seams. Rajiv asked Kalpana to move aside as he wanted to charge his cell-phone. She did not and Rajiv tried to push her out of his way. She lost her balance  and fell on the chair. Rajiv tried to help her but she had tears running down  her eyes. Wiping her wet cheeks , she thundered and threatened that she would file a case of physical and mental cruelty and slap an additional charge of dowry harassment.

Rajiv was stunned. He sat down on the sofa with his head buried in his cupped palms.

The bell rang. Neither of them were in a mental state to answer the door. The bell rang again. Rajiv opened the door . It was their  neighbour, Mr. Iyer , who said that he wanted to use their land-line phone to call the police-station. His sleep was disturbed due to the loud voices of the neighbours.
Rajiv and Kalpana looked at each other with shame written on their faces. They decided to solve their problems amicably without disturbing their neighbours. 

Note  :  This post is not intended to be partial or hurt  anybody but bring to the notice that the very laws meant to protect the victims can be misused.This is a fictional story.

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