Saturday, 13 July 2013


A  learned scholar of the Vedas , was crossing the river with  an an illiterate boatman ferrying him. The scholar asked him , rather arrogantly whether he had read any books of learning. The boatman humbly told him that he knew nothing of the Vedas. The scholar mocked at him and said that his life is a big waste if he did not know to read and write. The boatman remain silent. When the boat was in the middle of the river, the boatman asked the scholar whether he knew to swim . The scholar replied in negative. The boatman said then his(scholar's) life was a big waste. The scholar looked astonished.
The boatman said that the boat would sink in no time and the boatman was going to jump into river to save his life. He bid good-bye to the scholar and his scholarly learning.
The learned scholar felt that his being literate mattered the most in life but there are many other valuable lessons other than just plain literacy. The boatman  though knew nothing other than swimming and rowing emerged victorious in this situation.

Education may end but learning will  be an ongoing long

The journey of learning never ends. There is no destination.

It is rightly said that life is the greatest teacher, teaching us
through hardships , failed attempts , unrequited love, lost relationships etc. but also brightens up with sunshine and

Studying within the fours walls of a classroom is not learning,
but life teaches one to be independent when a child steps out
of the threshold of school gates. But formal school education cannot be discounted and retains its place of importance.

What we learn and grasp, to apply it further it is based on
our interpretations of learning