Sunday, 1 September 2013

7 things I cannot live without

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st-7th September 2013.

Day 2

7 things I cannot live without.

Food , clothing and shelter were a primitive man's main concerns and a struggle to fulfill the basic needs. But in modern times, though these are very essential they are not hard to get. With the advent of time many other wants are added that they become necessities of life.


Though not a very religious or a ritualistic person, every night , before retiring to bed I say a silent thanks to God for everything strewn my path and every morning I perform a small 'pooja' as advised by my mom-in-law.

A kiss or a hug to my child.

As a mother , I  feel incomplete without the physical contact and if I am a bit late to hug or kiss, I am reminded of it by the recipient. I feel happy and loved in return. It makes life worthwhile.


Without this aid , I am paralysed. The whole world is a blur. I need not say anything more.


This device is my Man-Friday helping me to keep track of my son , relay and convey messages to my hubby, to be in touch with my relatives and friends and most importantly be in touch with my mom. At the touch of a button , geographical distances shrink to put one face to face with the other. And as I write this post I have already received a SMS message my son informing me about his reaching safely to his classes ,a call to my childhood friend, a call to book my LPG refill. 


This 12 page ready reckoner , as I call it, hangs on a nail on the kitchen door.The auspicious days of the festivals are always looked for but with the turn of the pages of the calendar I can tell my long my LPG gas cylinder gas lasts, the number of holidays my maid has taken, appointments of doctors and the list is endless. 



The crisp newspaper delivered at my door is a welcome partner along with hot tea and drives away the blues. Whenever I visit the dispensary , I am armed with lots of this reading material to while away the time till my turn comes.The old newspapers are spread on my kitchen top to prevent it from spoilage.My dustbins are wrapped/covered with old newspapers. ( I do not use polythene covers)This is my way of re-using/re-cycling  and its eco-friendly.


Internet Connection

The internet connection is a boon allowing access to FB, blogging world and E-mail.Its the new line life of the modern world. I feel handicapped without it and whenever the wi-fi connection is down, my service provider never answers the calls for he knows he will at the receiving end of irate clients. But the payment collection is very prompt on the 10th of every month.

There are many more things which I cannot do without them but have condensed the topic ,keeping the theme of seven in mind. What are the things that you cannot do without, dear readers?