Sunday, 18 August 2013


The night was young
the stars twinkling
the crescent moon smiling.
all reflecting in the blue pool
The red roses on the table.
two glasses of champagne 
and a small box lay.

as he went down on his knees
to ask , ' will you be mine?'
I got up , shy, blushing.
My white diaphanous gown
brown tresses flowing
the ribboned wrist red.

"Yes , I will",  heard my own voice
He slid the solitaire 
but oucch , it rolled and fell
deep deep, I dived after it.
to the bottom, came out wet,
with the ring on my finger.

With the ring on my finger,
"from the bottom of my heart,
I will forever be yours,
till the stars twinkle
moon smiles, we will be one"
I said. and we danced.