Monday, 19 August 2013

Home alone

Tangy Tuesdays

Ankita sat on the bed looking lost and forlorn . The safe cocoon of her own home did not bring an iota of comfort to her tired soul.Her mind was a house to the raging tempests , a house devoid of walls, the grief and anger imprisoned , rising,  coiling and circulating, as smoke in the upper part of the wall-less room, making her stuffy and constricted . Her head started to  spin and ache. She ran to the restroom , her stomach doing a many a grinding somersaults, churning to throw the unwanted contents out. She opened her mouth and bent her torso over the wash-basin and became lighter. 

She opened the tap and water gushed out. Ankita splashed generously over her mouth and face and her derma felt the cooling effect of clear aqua. She felt better. Raising herself she glanced in the mirror. Her face appeared hazy and unclear. She wiped her face and could now recognise her own self. The toxic waste in her body drained out and her mind felt steady.

She sat on her bed and her memories went into the rewind mode. 

It was so different last year. Neel and Ankita had a stamp of approval of their relationship from their respective parents. 

They both had  set up their little nest , collecting each bric-a-brac with love and interest. They had built-up their relationship and  home , brick by brick cemented with love ,respect and faith. The foundation of both, their relationship and home , seemed shaky and prone to tremors of his indifference and egoistic behaviour. The carriage of their life was not running smoothly on the martial path  but was heavily tilted on her shoulders and the burden was becoming unbearable. This lop-sided tilt was upsetting the equilibrium of the notion of being at par with her partner.
At first , Ankita did not mind adjusting , thinking about the give and take in a marriage. But the stakes of takes were rising on her side and there was no relief from Neel's side.
Perhaps Sonam was right. She could not continue to stay in this situation. Should she leave Neel? Why should she lose her identity and become a doormat? Should she stand up for her rights and dissolve the union?  NO , she couldn't think of a life without Neel. Was she being weak?  It was now or never, ever. She had to take a decision. A decision that could change, improve and alter her quality of life. She took a deep breath. The effects of flushing the toxins out of her body had started to clear her troubled unsure mind. She would make it clear to Neel that he could no longer wreck her body , mind and spirit. She would fight to defend herself and redeem her self-respect. She would do this, continuing to remain by his side , an oath they both had taken to be with each other in happiness, sorrow and disease. While he chose not to remember the sacred vow, she would not forget to remind him. She was determined to take this step.

 This act of hers would be her defence , her shield and her strength. The bell rang. She got up , straightened her spine to open the door to a new life.

Moral : Face the situations , however tough they may.
           To defeat the problem, face it.