Monday, 5 August 2013


Give me my space ,
Give me my freedom,
Let me express my thoughts
as a free bird in the sky
on the canvas of life.

Give me space,
Give me freedom
Do not bind me,
Do not tie my hands
As a cuff-links to sleeves.

Let my hands pick up the pen
to express my thoughts, at my will
at my pace, Give me space,
Give me freedom.

Give me the freedom 
to craft the lines on my palms.
To write my own destiny,
My own road to destination.

Give me space,
Do not suffocate me.
Do not give me a premature death
and bury my aspirations.

Allow my hands to be free,
to sculpt with , my place under the sun.
Allow my hands to mould my fate,
with wet clay ,Give me my space,
Give me my freedom.

Is it that I ask too much?
A little space,
A little freedom.

For : The Mag