Sunday, 11 August 2013

In the driver's seat.

Tangy Tuesdays
goggle image   :Yogita.

On 7th August , 2013 , Yogita Raghunvanshi was the centre of attraction at Vashi APMC market and she failed to understand the reason of being so. She is no Miss India or a cine- star to be under the spotlight. But she is an ordinary woman, a mother of two, 'driving' her life in an extraordinary way.

 Yes , she is a truck driver maneuvering a massive 10 wheel truck. She drove effortlessly into the APMC Market with a 16-tonne consignment of potatoes and was greeted with hostile stares and bitchy comments by the other male drivers and loaders. "Have I come from outer space?" was her query to their odd behaviour. But this welcome or rather the unwelcome, did not faze  or rattle her. She has overcome hostile adversities in life after the untimely death of her husband. She was denied her share of her property and left to fend for herself with two children. She is well equipped with a B.Com and L.L.B. degree but chose to be behind the wheel as it guaranteed a faster payment rather than waiting for the clients to cough up payments as a lawyer.

She has to her credit of covering 5 lakh kilometers by road and is of the opinion that the roads in South India are the best.

She feels that driving a heavy vehicle is much easier  but as a woman bathing by the riverside, using open air washrooms and sleeping in the ghats are bigger difficulties that she is uncomfortable with. Sleeping in her own bed in her own house and having a bath is a luxury for her.

She plans to continue driving her truck for another five years and will retire to elope in her fantasy. By then her children would be qualified enough to take over the reins of the house.

Let us salute to this brave, courageous and self-respecting lady who has the guts to enter a predominantly male arena. May all her wishes be fulfilled. Amen.

Next time, when I am eating aloo ka paratha , I will say a silent prayer of thanks to this lady.