Tuesday, 13 August 2013

tree of life.


The giant green canopy stood feebly holding its body upright but its arms ached and failed to stick out. It was fighting a losing battle to the forces of  Nature ,having weathered many a storms in its heydays. As it is said all good things in life have to come to an end and this green parasol is no exception. The clouds cried and wept their heart out , their sobs thundering and the lightning piercing ravaged the tall muscular tree bringing to its knees and spelling doomsday. People gathered around it as if giving a fond farewell before chopping off its wood for better purposes.

               I once stood tall
       around me gather one and all,
        the kids grew on my shoulder
     relished my fruits, as I grew older.
   They played under my watchful gaze
       elders sat at my feet with laze.
          The ladies offered prayers
             with faith and flowers

   Even in death the tree extended its hand to give, give generously. The soil around its resting place was dug out and tiny roots , wailing , waiting to be pulled out. 
Few days later life began sprouting out  from the tiny roots to take shape in the form of tender leaves dancing to the tune of the light breeze. The clouds did grasp the happiness and sprinkled lightly and the cycle of life and rejuvenation resumed. 

For : Trifecta writing challenge.