Thursday, 8 August 2013


Unsent Letters is an idea conceived by Santulan and we members of  Write Tribe are writing a letter to our best friend. Read on ............................................. 

Dear A,

We were friends even before we came into this world. Our parents were neighbours. And our moms were pregnant at the same time, chattering in the courtyard and their visits to the doctor coincided. So it was natural for us to be close or maybe destiny has timed it for us.

I remember the first day of our school.My mom waved a good-bye at the school gates and I was ushered in by Rose teacher. I was nervous in the 'alien' world but a mere glimpse of you in the classroom was enough to make my heart beats drop to normal mode. We sat next to each other, amidst howling kids and depressed faces with the sweet smile of the teachers trying to pacify the classroom.

We ate each others tiffins and walked hand-in-hand back home.This was the solid foundation of  friendship laid , which weathered many a storms to cross the troubled waters to the calmer shore. You were my boat nestling me in the childhood journey and my oar to row me against the tide of adversities. 

I am dark in complexion and not endowed with good looks. While some classmates taunted me on my 'shortcoming' you had already shielded me from their barbs and this had a lesser impact on me. When I fared well in academics, you were the one to pat my back before my parents. There was no trace of bitterness or the spirit of competitiveness in you and I was in awe of you.When I didn't perform well on the school ground you had encouraging words for me.I remember the day my mother slapped me in your presence, for a trivial matter and you looked the other way as if you were not a witness to my insult. You chose to keep mum and not mention it to any other classmates. This maturity was beyond your age and had thus rightly enhanced my respect for you.

Our adolescent was spent whispering into each others ears about our crushes and dislikes. You were my oyster while I polished myself into a pearl in your protective embrace.

Both entered the threshold of marriage in the same year and the another journey began , albeit on different paths but exchange and updates of new life stayed on. 

You crossed the seven seas and settled abroad . The emails were regularly irregular until there was little news from your side. My step into motherhood made me busy and our contact became a formality of wishing on our birthdays. Then came the facebook era and the 'contact' was restricted to a few lines, comments, 'likes' and 'shares'.

Let's both take a step forward,
dissolve our distances inward, 
To come closer and closer
and nearer and nearer.

Closing the chasms with silent tiptoe feet

With renewed hopes we will meet,
as long lost friends we will greet.
Down, the familiar street.

A groove in my heart is empty and waiting for you to fill it up,
to make a complete ME. Is it dear A, that I am asking too much?

Your best friend

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