Thursday, 8 August 2013


For women, work is a form of their self-expression. We are struck by the beauty of such women,by women like Megha in the TVC.
Tanishq invites you, bloggers, to write about one such woman who makes her work beautiful. For whom, it's a lot more important to love what she does, therefore taking work is worship to this worship is fun! Who zings up her presentations with her imagination and colours.This woman could be you. Or she could be from your office, your home or your class-room.
Mia from Tanishq is for such women whose every work is a little nit of her. Light and unflashy, Tanishq's Mia collection suits her to the T. Mia, adds on an already complete, beautiful woman.
Write 2 paragraphs on the above theme and tell us who that Mia woman is in your life.
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The two paras that I have been asked to write will not do justice to the lady that I will describe to you.

I consider myself beautiful. No, I do not have fine chiselled features, a size zero figure or smooth silky hair but my beauty comes from the 'sanskaars' showered  by  her. Yes , I am going to talk about my mother. Kind folks, give me an ear for I won't hold you long. My eyes sparkle like Tanishq diamonds when I talk about about my mother. My mom has a tough exterior like the diamond , her exterior acts like a tough shell to shield me from adversities but she always encourages me to fight my own battles. Her way of dealing with problems, big or small, add lustre to her aura and I  bask in it by imitating her. 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend as they say. So is my mother, a Mia woman, with every passing year adding sheen and shine to my personality and our bonds strengthening as the carbon bonds. A single day in a calender is not enough to celebrate Mother's Day but each moment of the day is a gift from her to cherish for a lifetime. 

So my mother is my 'Mia' women , MammaMia.

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