Thursday, 22 August 2013

sense of smell.


Of the five senses gifted by God ,the sense to sniff and smell is universal. Every soul born on this earth is gifted and can use this sense without being taught or coached.
I remember my mom telling  me that I had a very sharp sense of smell. The molecules of air laden with a particular scent permeated through my nostrils and I would be the first to announce its exact nature and correctly so.

As a child , I distinctly remember the smell of wet mud on the onset of the first rains. Unlike my friends , I never enjoyed getting wet in the first downpour but felt heavenly on sniffing the fragrance of wet mud. It would percolate into my being and I felt one with Nature.

The aroma from my mom's kitchen sent my stomach into grinding overtime and I could feel the hunger pangs. The baking of the 'chappatis' on the hot tawa (girdle) , the simmering of the vegetables and daal (saaru in Kannada) were enough to awaken the foodie in me. The hot rice (anna) mixed with ghee was heavenly. The home-made nutritious food cooked with my mother's love and affection, awakened and heightened my sense of smell.
My mom says that tasty food is not cooked with ghee or 'masalas'(spices) but with ingredients of love on the fire of dedication and served on the plate of affection. How could I not be enriched just being in the vicinity of Mata Annaporna (Goddess of food).

The  small courtyard which was spread in front of our little house had a guava , 'jambhul' (blue-berry) and mango tree. Each one had  a distinct flavour during the ripening stage and I learnt in my own way to distinguish the smells even before tasting the fruits.

The road to my school had 'mogra' (jasmine) and 'parijat' . The rich fragrance of the jasmine and the subtle  hint of fragrance of the off-white petals and orange stems of parijat  imbued my poetic sense. My eyes and nose 'feasted' on the sight and smell.

My mother being a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva would make a visit to the temple on auspicious days and festivals. The fragrance of  the sandalwood paste , the burning the incense sticks mingled with the camphor smell felt divine and was sure that God is hearing to my prayers.

And as I grew up I had to travel by the local trains (the life-line of Mumbai) and I could guess correctly each station as the train approached with the smell emanating. 

And now I have a teen-aged son who had inherited the strong sense of smell as he, on coming from school , rightly guesses the food prepared by me on any particular day and I fill with happiness as life has come to full circle. What is life without these small little joys.

The various fragrances and some unpleasant smells or odours, which distinguishes the good from the bad, enriches our life to the fullest.

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