Sunday, 6 October 2013


I live in the era  of bygones and treasure the sad memories and grudges in my heart like priceless jewels.

Tilling on the farm of regrets , I sow the seeds of discontent and reap the fruits of disappointments . At times I feel that I am a sadist , injecting pain in my own mind and abusing myself. I have shed tears that might have turned the Sahara desert into an oasis. Another name for oasis is Ananya , my best friend who has made umpteen efforts to change me. But every time she has conceded defeat.  I , too , on my part have tried to alter my way of thinking but the other half of the Geminian twin refuses to let go and a tussle between the twins of my sun-sign defeats my spirits. Ananya would teasingly  tell me that I would reform only on her dead body. This was enough for me to go into a bout of fresh tears . She was my shadow who , the only one , knew what was going on in my brains even before I could start thinking.

Ananya left her earthly form and reached the Gates of Heaven. Chitragupt opened her Books of Karma and  found that the credit side weighed heavier.Chitragupt fell for her charming ways and she soon managed to extract a boon from him.

I woke up the next day. I drew the curtains back. The tender rays caressed my cheeks and I inhaled deeply , the fresh air percolated into my lungs and I hummed ,'Aaj mein uppar'.


 I hugged my mom and patted Neffy , our labrador. I spoke to papa on phone and enquired about his health. My mom being puzzled, asked me whether the problems of the world had come to an end or had the fairy waved her magic wand on me ,  for the change in my behaviour. Indeed it is a miracle. Ananya dwells in my heart and soul . Chitragupt has lost her to Earth and I have gained her positive outlook towards life.

Folks! do not wait for a tragedy to transform yourself. Life is the length of a span , short and keep it sweet. The body is a living temple of God. Do not walk with your dirty feet into it , desecrating the sacred precincts of your mind.  Wipe your soiled thoughts onto the doormat before entering.