Monday, 7 October 2013

Guess what.........

I could feel it bulging slightly against the fabric of my trousers. The outline of the circular neat curve, fuelled my hopes. I arched my body forward and tried digging deeper. I could feel the touch of the cold body and I tried to grab it but it kept slipping away from my butter fingers. I had my eyes on the figures , time was running out and the score would increase the next second. 

Her closeness irked me. The strong smell of the jasmine oil from her hair pervaded my nostrils. She was looking into my eyes , questioningly and irritatingly . Angrily , she said , 'Saheb , jaldi karo. Aur bhi customer hai' (Be quick, Sir.There are many customers waiting).

I , too, was losing my patience.  A small groan escaped from my throat . At last , I made a valiant effort with all my might. My fingers  dug deeper with great difficulty and clutched it tightly and fished it out.I held it  in front of her eyes. It was gleaming and so was I. At last I had accomplished the task. There was a satisfied look on her face.I handed it to the lady rickshaw driver. It was a two rupee coin from my trouser pocket and th
e figure on the fare-meter read Rs.32/-

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