Sunday, 13 October 2013

Letter to spouse.

 the prompt for this fortnight is to write a letter to :
 Your current love/ spouse/ crush or Your ex-love/ spouse / crush

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Dear Hubby,

Penning this letter to you gives me an uneasy feeling. Uneasy because never did I write to you other than writing a line or two on your birthday card. I never had an opportunity to put my feelings in black and white as we were never separated by the geographical barrier. Your work took you away from home only for a few days and by the time I missed you you were back. In your absence I cooked dishes which I relished and you did not miss them. The time at my disposal was used in cleaning the house of the cobwebs on the walls and clearing the cobwebs from my mind. Introspecting about the wrong turns I took and trying to understand the reason for your wrong turns. I try to find a middle path for navigating to the smooth road of life.

I re-live the happy moments spent in each other's company , of laughter shared and jokes cracked. I look at our frozen moments and the frames comes out live in my mind.
As I de-clutter the wardrobe , the kurta that you so lovingly chose for me is still close to my heart but is showing the signs of well-lived , I clutch it and keep it back safely in its fold.

Time flies off before one even notices it .So dear, pause and take a breath. Unburden your worries and tensions before entering the threshold. It is easier said than done but do give it a try .

Your loving wife.

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