Friday, 11 October 2013


WOW – Sound Expressions!

“Reality is a sound, you have to tune in to it not just keep yelling.” ― Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red

This weekend your post must contain at least five sound words!

For e.g. splash, crash, vroom, poof, etc.


"What is a sound?" I asked Ananya. She looked at me innocently , blinked her eyes and curled the lower lip out  and shrugged her shoulders.

Taking the hint , said I, "Vibrations that travel through the air and can be heard when they reach the other person's ear."

"Did you understand , Ananya?"

Ananya looked bored and found the lesson on sound uninteresting. Tomorrow Micheal teacher would teach the class about sounds and I wanted her to be well prepared and 'earn' a golden star in the notebook. Ananya snatched the pictorial book on 'SO MANY SOUNDS' and tossed it on the sofa.


"SSshhhhhhhhh" said Ananya making a slight whistling sound. My eyes brightened up.

"ssshhhhhhhhhh, Ma, (lowering her voice) listen to the tick-tock-tick-tock
of the grandpa's clock."


"Ananya, listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops." Two heads popped out of the window to hear the sound of the falling rain from the window roof.


Our outstretched hands made an effort to collect the rain-water in the cupped palms. Ananya rubbed her wet hands to her cheeks and giggled.

Just then a small green frog hopped , 'croak croak croak' into  a puddle.


"Ma , look papa's come. His bike is coming  vrrrrroooommmmm and splash into the puddle."

A passer-by had muddy water splashed on his pants akin to freehand drawing pattern and the frog made a jump and landed at his feet.

He yelled , 'ahoy'. I was a bit worried. But Ananya 's biker papa had already steered it safely into the building garage.

The next moment we heard ,'tring trrrring' and Ananya ran to open the door, with me trailing behind her.

Ananya leapt into her papa's arms and his cell-phone rang ,' tip-tip barsa paani' , the new-caller tune set by Ananya.

 And the room echoed with the sound of laughter. The book, SO MANY SOUNDS' lay on the sofa its pages making a fluttering sound.


P.S. :- the bookish knowledge imparted to little children does not appeal to their curious and enthusiastic brain. Hearing and experiencing actual sounds made little Ananya enjoy the learning process. Did you enjoy , readers, with Ananya?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. Very true Kalpana ji! Children these days do not enjoy lessons from their books as much as they do the real life experiences. Visual and auditory lessons are much more effective than the ones read from the books.

  2. well said.. and very nicely put :)

  3. Such a cute little well written post, so apt for the WoW prompt. Loved reading it and especially loved the last part where you highlighted the fact that kids don't necessarily learn everything from books.

  4. You have very cleverly weaved a noisy story!!!!.It is very good

  5. Children do need all auditory and visual effects to learn more effective. I loved the way you brought that out, Kalpana! :)

  6. Lovely post. Loved reading it.

  7. this is beautiful. nicely put sounds in this writeup

  8. The sounds of so many things at a time! Makes a very interesting post,Kalpana.

  9. Sounds of so many things at a time!! Makes very interesting reading.

  10. true the sounds have a different way of teaching... lovely post.

  11. I agree that experiential knowledge is far better than the bookish knowledge...
    lovely narration....


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