Sunday, 10 November 2013


This time your entry must contain, ’38 missed calls in 10 mins! He/She wondered what was going on.’

He proceeded towards his working den having relieved his bladder . Sitting on his chair , he started to tap on the keyboard when a head popped up from the other cubicle , “Jai , your cell-phone was ringing”. He checked his display screen , ‘38 missed calls in 10 min! He wondered what was going on.'  He dialed the number and his wife very sweetly said , ‘hello’. Jai knew this was the lull before the storm.

Aarti raved and ranted at an ear-piercing decibel while Jai held his cell-phone away from his sense organ to save it from damage. "Where were you? I called you 38 times. 
As usual you forgot my birthday , you do not care for my feelings. Did I ever forget.........................." and a ding dong , ding dong followed. Aarti disconnected the call and opened the door...............

Jai 's cell-phone vibrated. He picked up but kept mum. "I am sorry darling , I shouldn't have been so rude ttto you. sorry dear". said Aarti.

What had brought about a change in Aarti? Are you curious to know?

Rewind ..........

and a ding dong , ding dong followed. Aarti disconnected the call and opened the door...............A courier boy was standing with a big bouquet of red roses , a box of chocolates and a card.


Do I have to say anything more , dear readers?

Moral : Do not forget your spouse's birthday. Mark it on your desk-top calender , a reminder on your cell-phone and tell friends ,well-wishers, your office peon , pantry boy to remind you a day in advance but do not forget your spouse's Big Day. 

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