Sunday, 15 December 2013

Memories and dove

As doves build their nests with twigs, dried leaves and debris , we too , two of us wove our dreams , aspirations , expectations and laughter together and built a nest , sung , and ensconced in our own cocoon , far away from the harsh realities of life. At that juncture of the journey  , life was fun with little compulsions from parents and school-life . Me and my closest and bestest friend stayed close to each other , went to the same school to sit together on the same bench.We were like inseparable twins but without the share of fights of the siblings . I would like to call my friend A as it is first letter in the alphabet set and she was my first friend in school. A stands for excellence and was an epitome of excellence from my point of view. There could be nothing better than her.

Since she stayed in the next building , we were a part of each other's families and shared each other's cuisines , partaking food and basking in the warmth of each other's families.When exams were hovering on our heads, we studied together and helped each other in areas of our weakness. There was a spirit of co-operation and the witch of competition never swayed near us or between us. We regaled in each other's marks and report cards.

We celebrated each other's birthday as our own. I was always in awe of her and she was my shield who protected me from fights and insults barbed at me from other classmates. The negative vibes aimed at me lessen in impact due to her strong standing like the rock of Gibraltar.

School days were coming to an end and it was time to part and we entered into different streams . Her frequent visits to home from hostel were celebration time for us and her interesting life with her hostel mates made me smile.

The sands of time were slowly slipping away and at a rapid pace from our closed fists.
How much so we tried to hold the slipping grains it was futile. It was then I realised the true meaning of the proverb  'time and tide waits for no man''. Till then this existed only in the books .

 It was marriage bells for us. and we moved away and moved on with our new lives. We corresponded with letters and later on emails. Motherhood and other domestic responsibilities widened the chasm till we are now only friends on social networking site and liking'' each others status is not fun. Peeping into her world through frozen frames , I realize how far we have drifted away. It 's rather not possible to re-build bridges. 

But as I look back I feel happy for the memories that I have been able to garner and cherish. Change is constant as it is said and now I have switched over to the whole range of Dove beauty products . When will you switch over to Dove?

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  1. I am sure each one of us has atleast one such person in our life <3


  2. So true. After marriage and children friendship has become liking photos and status messages on Facebook and just mails and messages. Sad.

  3. after marriage, staying in touch with our good old friends becomes far away. truly said. All the best for the contest :)

  4. But I feel somehow the friendship created at very young age is always fresh, and when you reconnect, it is as though the gap never happened :) At least, it has worked for me in some cases. Cheers !

  5. 'Peeping into her world through frozen frames , I realize how far we have drifted away. It 's rather not possible to re-build bridges..'

    So connected with these lines. Lovely post, thanks for sharing.


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