Thursday, 19 December 2013

fantasy : theme thursday



with the threads of imagination
on the loom of a fertile mind,
I weave a carpet of fantasy
with motifs of wishes , mine.
fuelled by my positive thoughts
me riding on its crest,
gleefully , steering  the path
climbs into the clouds cool 'n' blue,
on the dusty desert dunes,
to the shivering snow summit,
kissing the grass green gazing,
sailing on the sea with sea-gulls,
searching the sun , rise on the horizon
basking in the tender rays
to rejoice , rejuvenate , regale.
adieu to the retreating fire-ball
to welcome the twinkling diamonds
strewn on the black blanket.
When my heart had its fill
I will embrace the cocoon
of the warmth of my home
to rest and recover.
sprout wings with the rising sun
to fly to unknown lands..............
Do join me as co-passengers
in the journey of life.

                             Theme Thursday