Thursday, 19 December 2013

Freedom II

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Kisna was sitting under the banyan tree. This was the tree under which Satyavan breathed his last. The dutiful Savitri chased Lord Yama , the God of Death, to bring him back to life.


His thoughts drifted to Radha. Her eyes full of hope must be dreaming of a conjugal life as any bride would. Her silent lips never brought out her feelings. But he was not stone-hearted not to sense it. He did not bear a grudge towards Radha. He was betrayed by his own father who had milked him because of his favourable gender. How much he hated his father for burying his dreams and aspirations. 

His father had given him a good start in life by virtue of a good education even though it had been beyond their means. By borrowing from Radha's father , he could afford to complete his education. But his father's inability to pay off the loans along with the accumulated interest strangulated his desire of settling down with Rekha , who studied with him. 

Bowing to his father's wishes and the fulfilling the obligation of a dutiful son, he reluctantly agreed to wed Radha. Thus Radha , unaware of all these manipulations was caught in the vortex of strange emotions , was a sacrificial lamb , a lamb who did not have the luxury to bleat.

 Rekha's parents chose a groom for her and she decided to settle down to matrimony bliss. 

Kisna had no-where to seek refuge. He had knowingly  made two lives suffer for no fault of theirs and in return he tormented himself. Since Rekha had wisely extricated herself from the third corner of the odd triangle , the two points had to be together by destiny on the same plane and complete the straight line of the journey of life.


He paid his respects to the holy banyan tree and decided to make a new beginning with his wife. He would ask her for forgiveness and accept her wholeheartedly and beg her to overlook his initial aloofness and embrace conjugal bliss.

to be continued.......................