Friday, 20 December 2013

Freedom - Part III

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He slowly got up and dragged his feet , his shoulders free from the burden of guilt.
Lost in his thoughts , he did not hear the blaring horn and a powerful beam of light fell of his face ............

She was looking at the closed gate with a forlorn look on the face anticipating the arrival of a footfall but the shadow of hope that she longed for, was a distant mirage. 

Shivappa , the household help , came darting towards the closed gate.

Radha and Shivappa hurried to the City hospital.

Staring at Kisna  , lying in the Intensive Care Unit , Radha could not hold back the flood of tears. She wondered why destiny had played a cruel game of hide-n-seek with her. She was waiting for him to tell him that he was not bound by duty towards her and was free to lead his own life. Why didn't she express her feelings before it was too late? She reasoned with herself.

Kisna lying on the bed with doctor and nurses attending on him,  was oscillating between brief spells of conciousness  and fainting bouts. 

Kisna 's spirit hovered around Radha . He wanted to soothe her and comfort her. He desperately wanted to tell her that he had wished to start a fresh life with her. But he was helpless in death and he chose to be helpless when he was alive. Now he regretted his decision and behaviour. 

Radha had wished to free him from her life but death freed him and her. Now she was free of him but this was not the freedom that she had anticipated.

The soul had one last look at Radha. She looked so beautiful and pristine. His heart melted . He had frittered away his life. Now he wanted to live. But it was too late. He could see the God of Death signalling to him , to take leave of his earthly form  to enter the other world. He reluctantly followed Yama's trail.


P.S. : - Express and share your feelings with loved ones. Do not expect the other person            to understand your innermost feelings and reciprocate.