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          Music – Festival of Words – Day 4

                                                    Mata Saraswati.

Let us first invoke Mata Saraswati , the Hindu Goddess of music. 
She holds a Veena in her hand and clad in white pristine sari , adorned with few jewels looks divine.


What is MUSIC?

Melodious  Unlimited  Sounds  In  Sync = MUSIC

The whole Universe is made up of little sounds. Sounds when heard from the heart tunnels to the brain to perceive it as music otherwise it is noise and cacophony.

George Bernard Shaw once remarked that music is costly noise but I beg to differ.

The crowing of the cock at the first ray of the Sun , the birds chirping at the crack of dawn , the metallic clang of the bicycle of the milkman ,  the ringing of the bell ,the slurping of the first sip of ginger tea in the morning , pop sound of the toaster, the swissssh sound of the beaten eggs on the hot girdle are all sounds which set the rhyme and rhythm of the musical notes. 
Musical notes do not emanate from the instruments like guitar , drums , trumpet etc  but can there be a better melody for a mother than to hear the first cry of her new-born?

The sweet cooing of the fair maiden in her lover's ears is akin to playing a soothing jal-tarang.

The rustling of the leaves , a sign , of your friend approaching is heavenly.

The first thunder of the clouds of approaching rains is music to a farmer.

The pitter-patter of the rains, the lightning and thunder are catalysts to a poet to arouse his latent talent.

The lashing of the waves against the shore has rhythmic music.

According to legend , when Tansen, one of the  navratnas in the court of Emperor Akbar , sang  Raag Megh Malhaar , the skies would open up in appreciation of his vocal cords to shower with rain. Such was the power of his music.

Lata Mangeshwar , is popularly known as the Nightingale of India .

M.S.Subbalaxmi's voice mesmerised her audience.

Gangubai Hangal and Bhimsen Joshi 's rich voice entralled their fans.

Late Bismillah Khan's Shehnai , Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia's flute , Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma's santoor, Late Allahrakha and Pt. Zakir Hussian's tabla are all classic examples of instrumental music.

In earlier times the music was live with an array of different of musical instruments but now due to the advancements music is recorded digitally.
A small I-Pod can be a storehouse of hundred of songs.

The world of music is as vast as the Universe and I have made a minuscule attempt to capture its sounds in this post.

Readers , do tell us , what is music?


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