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Wikipedia says , Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, and can involve travel by foot , bicycle , automobile,train boat.airplane  or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements.

In the olden days people  travelled from one place to another mostly on foot . The wealthier rode on horse drawn carriages or in bullock-carts.  When pilgrims undertook journey , their loved ones, neighbours and friends would come to meet them as they weren't sure if the pilgrims would survive the tough path ahead. And if they braved the odds to return home alive , a celebration followed with the same people coming to meet them joyously and pay their respects by touching their feet . Many less fortunate pilgrims perished on their way never to see their loved ones back home. 


 After the war of Kalinga and his subsequent embrace of Buddhism , Emperor Ashoka , ordered his administrative machinery to plants trees on both the sides of the roads , built dharamshalas  , provided drinking water for the benefit of pilgrims as well as traders.

Travellers commenced their travel at the crack of  dawn and ended before dusk. Robbers , thugs , thieves and dacoits freely roamed and looted the travellers. The womenfolk were therefore never allowed to travel.

But times have changed due to changes in travel modes. The motorised vehicles and tar and cemented roads changed the face of road travel. Travel is now comfortable ,quicker , easier and economical.

 The shipping industry helped sea-faring and adventurous travellers undertake voyages.

The dream that Wright Brothers gave to the world took the aviation sector to newer heights and the world is now shrunk to a global village. The geographical boundaries are erased and new frontiers broken down by the giant metallic birds.I digress but will stress that despite the ease of globe-trotting, humans unfortunately , have not shed the ugly mask of apartheid , racial discrimination , rights violation , gender insensitivity etc. The barriers drawn on the hearts and in the minds of people are not easily broken down.

Travel and tourism sector is booming and newer , exotic , virgin locales are explored and conquered. Domestic as well as international tourism is catching up. Tourism is the major earner of foreign exchange of some countries. The government of each country is vying to grab a slice of the rich pie.

On a vacation or sight-seeing sojourn , I prefer to learn about the food habits, culture , handicrafts the historical importance  of the place etc. The famous monuments, shopping arcades , beaches aren't forgotten.

On meeting a local of the Malvan Village , we came to know that crime rate in that area was nil as the villagers had enough to keep body and soul together. 

The beach of Tarkarli was white and pristine sand. The shallow clean waters reflecting the clear blue sky  gave a lovely hue to the sea.


The Wild Grass Resort at Kaziranga National Park , Assam , a World Heritage Site , is a wonderful place to stay and explore the wilderness of the home of the one -horned rhino , the wild elephant , deer , tiger and a host of avian species.



The Cellular Jail also know as Kaala Paani invokes patriotism and anger in the same breath. Freedom fighters like Veer Savarkar were imprisoned and tortured . Many of them were hanged. The picturesque surroundings belie the extent of the cruelty  unleashed by the British inside the four walls of the prison. Walking through the narrow corridors of the prison made me realize that the sacrifice of the martyrs should not go in vain. We, the citizens of Free India , should break the tentacles of corruption , gender and caste discrimination.


A recent visit to the Sinhagad Fort near the historical city of Pune threw up interesting facts about the architectural wonders of the mountain fort. This stone and mortar structure has withstood the ravages of time and nature to stand proud to tell a tale of valour , courage , tolerance and grandeur of Maratha history. At the base of the fort , I had the most sumptuous , tasty meal consisting of jowar rotis, stuffed bringals , zunka washed down with refreshing butter-milk. This authentic Maharashtrian meal will always stay strong in my memory.



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I have visited  the above mentioned places. Do tell me the places you have visited?

In the journey of life , as you walk either alone or in the company of loved ones, take a break , wait , watch and experience the little pleasures of everyday phenomena .
Have you basked under the rays of the early morning sun rays filtering through the canopy of the green foliage? Have you walked barefoot to feel the velvet softness of the grass and stung by red ants? The taste of the water gushing from the waterfall is unadulterated ambrosia . Close your ears and eyes and open the windows of your mind to listen to the various inner sounds . Listen to the melody of the bells tinkling of the temple of your body. If you do so , the travel undertaken is worth every  medal , degree and promotion earned. Have a nice day, readers.

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