Sunday, 8 December 2013


Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

This time your entry must contain, ‘I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it.’

I was talking to my friend , Varsha and I felt a tingling sensation on my hand. I must have held the receiver for a long time and cradled the receiver in the other hand and kept rubbing my palm on to the sofa. Sensing the change in my voice , Varsha asked me if I was feeling okay. I rested her fears saying that we had conversed for a long time and the numbness seemed to be telling me. We both of us laughed. I told her that I was 3 kgs lighter despite feeling hungry and munching all the time. She asked me whether I was feeling thirsty too. I replied in the affirmative. After putting the handset into its proper place , I wondered how Varsha knew that my throat was feeling parched. She is a health-conscious person. 


I was enjoying my siesta after a heavy lunch when the ringing of the bell fell on my sleepy ears. I cursed the person at the door who dared to disturb me at this time of the day. I dragged myself forcibly and was about to open the door when I remembered the warnings of Mumbai Police in the print media about the safety measures.  I looked through the peep-hole and found a man standing on the other side of the peep-hole. I cautiously opened the safety  door. 


"Mrs. Kalpana S.?"

"Yes", I replied.

"Sign here", said he slipping the not -so-thick brown paper parcel through the wrought iron grille. 

I closed the door after he left and  ‘I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it.’ 
I observed that there was no name or address of the sender. Should I open it or not? I shouldn't have accepted it. My mind was plagued with a thousand doubts. The custodians of law brief the general public about informing them of strange parcel or brief-cases. My curiosity defeated the rationale thinking and I tore the glossy brown paper parcel held together with a red and white thread.

There was confusion writ of my face. There were three books. Being a bibliophile , I was thrilled but a speck of doubt troubled me. It was neither my birthday nor my wedding anniversary that I should be at the receiving end .

I sat down and was lost in the pages  of the book , the content being very timely , interesting and an eye-opener. Soon I guessed the name of the sender. I counted my blessings and gratitude filled me. I am fortunate to be surrounded by friends who cared for me and there is no greater wealth than health and friends.You must be wondering what I have just finished reading. 

Tomorrow I will met my doctor.

I f people like me ignore warning bells soon India will the world capital of diabetes.
I cannot  quote what I read in the thick book ad verbatim but in a nutshell , blogger Vidya Sury has put across interesting facts which I read in that book and I am  yet to read  the other two books on health care. 

You can read here. about Vidya Sury's writing. Please spare some time and you won't be disappointed.

showered upon us, only one life
precious it is , make it free of strife.
Like a pearl from the deep ocean
nurture it with Buddha like devotion.
When little warning bells toll
do not wait for a popular poll.
rush to your pal , your doctor
trust him and he will monitor
your heart beats and blood
listen and follow him , do not brood.
when clouds of doubt gather
clear them , talk , as he is a guiding father.

P.S. : Science and technology had made inroads in healthcare but it the ultimate responsibility upon the individual to be alert and listen to any bodily changes. No ailment crops up overnight. A doctor is a friend and a guide. Trust him/her.Women are prone to neglect their health but worry about the health of their family members.

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