Friday, 28 February 2014

2 states of mind.

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Picking up the landline after nearly seven rings , Sudha , my friend , on the other side asked me to earmark the date in the calendar, 18th April , to watch the movie ,'2 states' at the Fun Cinema.

I am in two minds as I have read and liked , nay loved the book by Chetan Bhagat but have apprehensions of how the cinematic interpretation of the book will turn out and whether spending 150 minutes and 300 bucks in the theatre would really be worth it.


My train of celluloid thoughts were broken by my friend's persistent rantings of how good the movie will be , going by the promotionals  about a TamBrahm girl and a Punjabi boy at IIM-A , study , land jobs and convince each other's parents of their choice of life-partner.

I voiced my doubts about the movie but they were drowned by my Bollywood loving friend-cum-advisor who feels that this movie will be a super-duper hit as it has all the ingredients , that an Indian family would love ; viz higher education, generation-gap , marriage , good food , bickerings, dance and songs.

By now , I am nearly convinced of Sudha's prophesy and I smile , as inter-caste and inter-state marriages would be common in the near future but a marriage is a marriage , a union of not only two hearts but of two families who will have to bear each other's likes , dislikes , preferences and prejudices but the high point of the marriage is the refusal of the Krish's mom to accept 'gifts' from Ananya's father.


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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Great Indian Bustard.


                                        Scientific Name: Ardeotis nigriceps

The great Indian bustard is one of the largest flying bird species found in the world today. Standing a meter above the ground, and weighing up to 15 kg, this critically endangered  terrestrial bird was once widespread across the grasslands of India, but today is confined to small fragmented patches within India. It has long bare legs giving it an ostrich like appearance.

The great Indian bustard can easily be distinguished by its black crown on the forehead contrasting with the pale neck and head. The body is brownish and the wings are marked with black, brown and grey. Males and females  generally grow to the same height and weight but males have larger black crowns and a black band across the breast. They breed mostly during the monsoon season when females lay a single egg in nests situated on open grounds

They are still hunted for sport and meat though they are protected under the Indian law. 


Google Images.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

key to happiness.

Wednesday Prompt 

The Wednesday Prompt 2014 #8
                                                         Picture courtesy : Morguefile 

                                Happiness is a master key
                     whether/weather  it rain or sunshine be
                     open the parasol of your mind, if it pours
                     bathe in the tender rays , if mercury soars.

Happiness is a master key
open the doors of your thoughts
water the parched fields of droughts
plant the seeds of trust
reap the fruits of loyalty on the crust.

                                Happiness is a master key
                    smile when you have made a difference
                    to another soul's essence.
                    returns do not mean a take home figure
                    gratitude pays and earns for sure.  

Happiness is a master key
to be unlocked
to be shared and to spread.
Do not search, temples,  in vain
Happiness comes from within.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

First : haiku.


Haiku Horizons prompt “first”

the race of life
begins in the cradle
ends in the grave

ends in the grave
why the hurry?
for first place.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

That wasn't what I meant.

 Trifextra: Week 103


Trifecta  wants 33 words in addition to and preceding the following: That wasn't what I meant.
Here is my take.......................

You walked out of my life.
But stayed in my heart,
With shadows of doubts
I fought loneliness.
Will you ever come back?
‘Leave me alone’, I screamed
That wasn't what I meant.
Couldn't you read my mind?

The great Indian wedding

                                I looked down from my window. 

The bright light and the brighter clothes of the 'bandwalas' were competing with each other , creating a halo around the building area.The 'bandwalas' started to do what they are assigned to do , play the 'shaadi' songs full-throttle and the the men with the lamps on their head moved in a straight line , the envy of a school P.T. teacher. With the crescendo of the music , the 'baraatis' appeared from no-where and starting to dance to the tunes converting the area into a set of 'Dance India Dance'.

The decorated SUV with a confused groom sitting inside started to inch forward to the the marriage venue about 200 meters away.

The bursting of the crackers added to the cacophony and woke up many early sleepers and I could see the neighbours craning their heads to see the Great Indian Wedding take-off. 

The noise pollution crossed the permissible decibel limits. Junior is preparing for exams commencing next week. The senior citizens and sick are highly inconvenienced.

The 'bandwalas' , the dancing 'baraatis' , the groom reached the wedding venue amid great fanfare. The marriage mandap was decorated garishly with bright lights. 


My husband pushed open the sliding glass doors of the balcony to give a full view of the spectacle from the balcony. He said why not make the most of it and enjoy instead of being irritated. He has a point , pondered I. Soon we both along with junior enjoyed the scene.


Why do the bride's parents and the grooms parents  who have decided to get their off-springs tied into holy matrimony have to announce to the world about their union with drums and trumpets?  The solitaires and gold ornaments adorned by the women would put the Kolar gold mines to shame and the crass and crude display of wealth was clearly evident.

Money must have exchanged hands but it is their private matter but a growing social concern.

The caterers serving multi-cuisine , with special counters for people who abstain from onion and garlic preparations are spread. The fruit juices , desserts and the last of the Indian hospitality , the humble 'paan' is in abundance. The food wastage exceeds the food partaken by the guests , enough to feed many families of BPL ( below poverty line). The next day when the last guest takes leave , the whole place will be littered with disposable glasses , tissues etc.

Aren't we all responsible for the wastage , litter and inconveniences to others? Or we turn a blind eye to the happening in the name of tradition and culture.

Readers, what are your views and are there any alternatives to the spending spree and inconveniencing others?