Thursday, 18 September 2014

The attack


The 3 words are breezy , hairy , monstrous.

The UFO had taken refuge on the baseball ground. The earthlings fearing for 

their safety huddled, trying to find solace in numbers. The hairy monstrous 

creature came romping towards me while my nervous legs found a way to 

escape. The grizzly bear pinned me down on the promenade and my gasping 

breath woke me up to feel the pillow moist with my sweat. It was only a 

nightmare , I concluded and as I got up to sip water, I pulled up the Venetian 

blinds to allow the breezy draught to calm my frayed nerves. I reached for the 

remote button and the television screen sprang to life.

                “Attack of the aliens on Earth “, the breaking news resonated.

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Word count : 118

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

harvested life

Five Sentence Fiction – Grief



                                                   Photo from: Lillie Mc Ferrin

They approached the lady whose weary eyes  withheld a thousand sorrows but shone brightly groping for a flicker of hope which seemed distant across the horizon.

But they had no promises to offer her which exacerbated  the task of the junior doctor and the Medical Social Worker, making them feel guilty.

The ventilator had to be removed robbing her of her only son , a truck driver , an accident victim , trying to avoid a careless pedestrian, jaywalking.

They counselled  her , before obtaining her consent and she requested them for some moments to grieve in privacy.

Tears rolled down uncontrollably as she  buried her face into her shivering cupped palms , stifling her sobs as a ray of satisfaction spread on her wrinkled face that her son would continue to live a harvested life in an anonymous person's body.

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My feet couldn't find the uneven ground as my hands ran over a surface, abrasive to touch. Struggling to gather my poise, my cheeks felt the cool breeze caress and assimilate with the hot breath from my nostrils. I found support on the bark of a tree. The voices of the children playing nearby soothed me. The lingering light fragrance permeated into my being. 

"The gulmohar flowers are a lovely shade of red and white”, a husky voice echoed.

“Yes”, a feminine voice answered.

 But my world was dark and black.

I tightly held the curved end of my stick. 


Word count 100

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pick up your pen and write

                              Write Tribe 100 Words on Saturday Prompt

This time WTers have been asked to choose a quote and pen 100 words. I have chosen Martin Luther's famous line , "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." This quote is apt as pen is mightier than the sword.

 The untold damage done to the Mumbai shoreline was palpably visible through the lens of the binoculars. With molten lava running through her veins, it was time to unleash the fury of her weapon.

The cool environs of their air-conditioned Bandra bungalow was silently screaming of the feud threatening to divide the family. The crisp rustling page of the newspaper read, "Destruction of the fragile mangroves by a leading construction company halted by reporter Sumedha Katkar and alert citizens expose the nexus between politicians and corporate world." 

"Sumedha, how could you do this to your own brother?" questioned Mamma Katkar.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014



The action of celebrating an important day or event is described as celebration. But celebration need not be confined to the narrow realms of a day or an event  but a never ending path of togetherness.
An incident took place on an ordinary day converting it into  an extraordinary bond of friendship lasting and strengthening over the passage of time. This milestone in my life made me realize the latent layer of patience in me which threw up surprises to the surface.
A colleague sharing office space was always at loggerheads with me, the reasons strangely unknown to me. I ignored the barbs directed against me for a considerable period of time. 
One day while working together  in the cubicle , I calmly questioned the reasons for her angst. Knowing that she had succeeded in  her diabolical mission , a smile spread on her face which did little to increase her face value. I read her thoughts and made her aware of her actions by which her standing  at the workplace had taken a beating. While she rained blows on me , the shield of patience and my calm demeanor won many friends at workplace. She realized her folly and the dam of tears burst open exposing her raw wounds that she had nurtured in her mind . She bluntly told me that my entry into the office space which she hitherto considered her domain , was unwelcome to her. She felt the spotlight was shifted on me. Her lower economic status and her study in a vernacular medium had sowed the seeds of inferiority in her infertile mind which had matured into a tree of discontent.
 Hearing her speak made me realize what a troubled soul she was. I opened up to her gently nudging her to focus on her strengths and achievements despite her drawbacks which were not justified. One cannot chose the circumstances  one is born under but had to rise like Phoniex from the ashes. 
Her attitude changed for the better  albeit slowly. Her confidence and self-esteem was regained and today though We are separated by a geographical barrier we are soul sisters to each other. I saw behind her tough exterior lay a soft heart waiting to soak love. We learnt a lot from each other over a period of time. A phone call or a what's app message confirms our bond and our chatter continues. 
Had I returned the insults she had heaped on me , I would have been ,today, a poorer person. Had I not opted to clear the fence of misunderstanding , we wouldn't be in a the garden of bliss today. This truly is a celebration of life , a triumph overcoming the mountain of our ego. 
Readers , this is a true story  and I have a true friend for life. Do share your story with me.............

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