Tuesday, 3 February 2015

green monster

I stood aside
thou entered with a stride.

I was a tad unsure
the seed sown without cure

watered with suspicion
germinated ,  akin to a scorpion

the poison churned and swelled
my spirit bruised and felled 

the  fertile garden of my mind
rationality turned blind

vermin of doubt flowered
Alas! serenity withered

What's that in the shadows?
The green creature in the meadow

green monster firmly branched
my confidence melted , blanched

its roots gnawed my soul
possessed me foul

I battled with swords of fears
and a shield of helpless tears

crushed the foe , it did flee
the enemy was inside me

the raging storm
did not calm.

I held the broom of regret
each cobweb cleaned, ferret

gathered the twigs, a bonfire
of envy, doubt, a burning pyre

a new form unleashes
rising like phoenix from ashes.

 I preach a sermon simple
 my mind a holy temple 
wipe your soiled shoes, welcome.