Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Life is as you see it.

                     Wordy Wednesday #3 at B-A-R

This Week: Word Prompt is Squeamish given by  Aditi Kaushiva who blogs here.

“I am too squeamish about little crabs running around my legs”, said Mary as she
picks up each wonder of the ocean to embellish her pottery design. The ocean
waves gently frolicking, the sunshine kissing the golden sand do not tempt Mary.

“Life is as you see it. Fishermen cast their nets, the diver gets the pearls, and
the beach-walker get the shells. We get what we want. The ocean is the same
for all”, said Suzie as she drops the handful of shells.
Painting the scenery on canvas, their mother piques, “the twins are so different
from each other”. 

 Written for :B-A-R- Wordy Wednesday