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Friday Foto FIction Prompt

People came from far and wide to consult him on wide ranging matters. No pair of feet 

returned from his threshold without unburdening their worries or dilemmas.

But his own kindred stable was far from picturesque. His three off-springs never saw eye-

to-eye and their better halves followed in their foot-steps. Shankar Shastri was least 

perturbed as he adept in handling them. The fault lay not in them but in their stars and 

he was well acquainted with their oddly placed planetary configurations.

The husband and the astrologer in him was concerned and protective of his naïve wife 

after his demise.


At twilight, the aged widowed matriarch lit the lamp, read her husband’s old almanac and retired 

to bed. The old lady managed to keep the domestic machinery running smoothly with 

tact and understanding.

Shankar Shastri’s clairvoyant spirit steered her through the rough weather. The almanac 

was her saviour.


      Written for :  flash-fiction-writing-friday foto fiction-teacher. Thanks Tina Basu.

word count : 148

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