Sunday, 10 September 2017

bridging the gap

          Sunday Photo Fiction – September 10th 2017

211 09 September 10th 2017

                                                photo courtesy A Mixed Bag.

“A part of the proceeds of the sale of my property will be donated to the local 

orphanage, Girls’ school and library”, instructing her lawyer.

“The Temple renovations will be funded by me, Pandit-Ji”.

“I have finished all my duties and can join my late husband”.

“Have you made peace with yourself, Saraswati?” the retort from the holy man 

unsettled the septuagenarian.

She lowered her gaze and looked the other way, a farrago of anger and guilt.

Several thoughts criss-crossed her already confused mind.

Nandini’s daughter must be in her late teens. She staggered and held the window-bars for 

support. The inanimate bridge with water flowing placidly seemed to reach out to her. 

She had built an impenetrable wall around her. The stones from the obliterated wall have 

to be used to build a bridge, to bring her only daughter, closer.

Hobbling to her almirah, she caressed her jewellery and bridal sari. She pictured her 

grand-daughter in the antique splendour. Nandini will inherit a part of her ancestral 

estate and her love and blessings. Her ‘jamai’ has to be accorded a grand welcome.

“Another ten years and I will join you”, she says to her husband’s photograph.

Peace reigns.

                Written for  : Sunday Photo Fiction.


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Notes : Pandit - Hindu priest

             Ji - addressing a person respectfully.

             Almirah - wardrobe

             Jamai - Son-in-law. In Indian households the jamai is treated like a King and is fed with the                            choicest of traditional food.       

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