Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Night.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
133rd Challenge

This week's photo prompt is provided by Pamela S. Canepa. Thank you Pamela!

25th March, 2017

20th floor apartment, Mumbai

8.30 pm

The tenebrosity of the night seems to hug her like a warm blanket. The Earth Hour has 

just begun.

As her gaze wanders up, the celestial twinkles seem to cast their glow a tad brighter.

The vehicular traffic appears to crawl, holding lanterns in the trajectory of darkness.

Anita turns inside to step into her cosy home. The aromatic candles are lit, mingling its 

scent into the urn of red floating rose petals. The gastronomical wafts beckons her to the 

table. He serves her the simple yet tasty food for soul and both eat with love in their 

eyes as the two decades of their flowering partnership melt in their hearts.

The next day the maid steps in with newspaper and milk while Anita is still in the 

embrace of slumber.

The maid notices the two plates in the sink and sighs, “Poor madam is missing her 

husband. So she eats from two plates”.

                           written for  : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


word count  : 161

Notes : Earth Hour is a 60 minute period when all the lights are switched off voluntarily.

Read more about Earth Hour.

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