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Eye : Parts of the body.

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Eye : The human eye is an organ which reacts to light and pressure. As a sense organ, it 

allows vision. Human eye help to provide a three dimensional, moving, normally 

colored in daylight. The human eye can differentiate about ten million colors . 

One of the most cherished senses  is undoubtedly  the gift of sight. Without which you 

wouldn't be reading this blog today.

The eyes are the window to the world. Open your eyes, see, admire and appreciate the 


For a die-hard romantic , 'love at first sight' appeals. 

It is rightly said ,' beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'. 

The eye acts like a camera clicking pictures and memories. I was astonished by the cold 

desert of Leh ( click  HERE for photos), the vastness of the Andaman sea , the grandeur 

of the Thanjavur temple. One can feast on their eyes on Incredible India. 

The beauty of the eyes is enhanced by a wide array of cosmetics. Bharatnatyam dancers 

apply kajal (kohl) , mascara and eye-shadow to focus on eye-movements.

An Indian bride shyly applies 'kajal' to catch the eye of her groom.

Eyes are also the window to the soul. They convey the myriad emotions without the aid 

of speech. When the dam of pent-up emotions bursts, tears roll down releasing a deluge 

of feelings and sentiments. 

                                                  Image result for crying face

The eyes play a major role in exhibiting the NAVRASA  or the nine emotions. Readers do 

read about the beauty of the Navrasa.

                                                      Care of the Eye 

 Eye is one of the most delicate organ of the human body. Ask a sight impaired person 

the importance of vision. 

I remember the poem,' The Blind Boy' by Colley Cibber. Do you, readers?

If one 's job entails sitting before the computer screen, try taking breaks 

after 30-40 minutes. Get up , go to the washroom or splash water on the face or just 

walk around. 

Stare at the trees or the green lawn after one gets up in the morning. 

If there is itching or redness in the eye, schedule a  visit to the ophthalmologist. 

The mandated sleep hours are good for one's health. Do not use gadgets like I-pad, PC  

etc before an hour to bed. Sleep in a dark airy room. Do not keep cell-phones in the 

bedroom to check for notifications, messages etc.

Use good quality sun-glass (glares) when you move around in the hot sun or on the 


                                          Image result for jokes on specs and glasses

Cover your head with a cap of a broad rimmed hat.

If there are dark circles under the eyes, it is a sign of sleep deprivation. 

                                        Eye exercises 

Keep the head straight. Move the pupils slowly in clockwise direction five

times. Stop. Repeat the same exercise in the anti-clockwise direction. Close your eyes 

for a minute and then open.

                                        Problems of the eye 


When one has cataract light does not pass through the retina. Vision is unclear and one 

may notice glares or a halo around lights at nights. Surgery brings back clear vision.

                                                   Night Blindness

Some people find it hard to see after sunset , while driving a vehicle or finding the way in 
movie theaters or dark alleys. This is night blindness. some people are born with this 
problem and cannot be treated. they have to be careful avoiding areas with low light. Some 
suffer night blindness due to degenerative diseases involving the retina. This is also not 

Some persons cannot see some colours or cannot differentiate between them. Such a person 
is called colorblind. When it is more severe , the affected person can see only shades of gray 
but this is very rare. Men are more prone to be affected than women. Colorblind people 
cannot be painters , doctors or unable to find work in textile industry or dress designing work 
where colors or color combinations play a major role. But they can lead a normal life. 

A normal eyeball is shaped like a perfected round ball. Lights comes into it and bends 
evenly giving a clear view. But if the eye is shaped like a football or the back of a spoon, 
light gets bent more in one direction. A part of the object is in focus and not the full object. 
The objects at a distance may look blurry and wavy. It is easy for the doctor to fix this 
problem with glasses, contacts or surgery.

                                               Image result for jokes on specs and glasses                            

                                              Alternative to glasses or specs

Many people find the glasses/ specs cumbersome. The  alternative to not needing to 

wear glasses is contact lenses.  Another option is laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery has 

been around for quite some time now,  The most common practice - LASIK, or "laser-

assisted in situ keratomileusis" - involves having flaps cut by the laser on each eye, and 

the shape of the cornea altered in order to “correct” of bad vision. 

                                     The two contestants sigh
                                     never saw eye-to eye
                                     in the dance of democracy
                                     shook hands,it's hypocrisy.

She tied a talisman

to ward off evil eyes.
In a blink of an eye
the lighting struck her.

                                      Yellow sunflowers dance

                                       as far as the eye could see
                                       She didn't cast a glance
                                       her world was dark. Oh me!

           Readers, do share your experiences or any eye-care tips with us.

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  1. What a comprehensive post.... covers all aspects of eyes!! :D


  3. A really excellent and entertaining article on the eye. Both my sister and niece will be interested in this article. My sister is an Ophthalmologist working in the NHS in UK and my niece is a Geneticist and a Bharathanatyam dancer. You have mentioned the NAVRASAS.

    1. An ophthalmologist and a dancer is a good combination in the family. Glad you read in detail and mentioned the Navrasa. Thanks Jai for reading and commenting.

  4. Looking at trees or greenery is very soothing, I love it :)

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. I love greenery and coloured flowers. they are a treat to the eyes. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I liked the way you covered all the points about Eyes, including your nice little poem at the end.

    1. Glad that you liked my post and my poems, Suhavijay. thanks for dropping by.

  6. Very nice post, quite comprehensive. My post are unfortunately not quite as comprehensive.
    I like you poems and jokes.
    Blessings from South Africa, Geoff.

    1. Thanks a lot for the blessings G. I try to include as much as information as possible.

  7. I've never given much thought to eyes - I look through them not at them I guess! But after reading this I think I will be in future!

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    1. Eyes are one of the most important organs of our body. Thanks Keith for dropping by.

  8. As someone who is at high risk for glaucoma, this piece hits home. We very often take for granted our vision. Having dry eyes can have an effect on your vision as well, especially when it's dry.
    Excellent post!

    1. We all granted our body parts for granted till an ailment hits us. Thanks Sascha D for reading and appreciating .


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