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Feet : Parts of the body


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The word "foot" means the "terminal part of the leg of a human body". The plural is feet.

The human foot is a strong and complex mechanical structure containing 26 bones 

33 joints (20 of which are actively articulated), and more than 

hundred muscles,tendons and ligaments.

The foot can be subdivided into the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the forefoot:
The hindfoot is composed of the talus (or ankle bone) and the calcaneus  (or heel bone). 
The five irregular bones of the midfoot, the cuboid, navicular and 
three  cuneiform  bones, form the arches of the foot which serves as a shock absorber. 
The midfoot is connected to the hind- and fore-foot by muscles and the plantar fascia.  
The forefoot is composed of five toes.
Both the midfoot and forefoot constitute the dorsum (the area facing upwards while 
standing) and the planum (the area facing downwards while standing).
The instep is the arched part of the top of the foot between the toes and the ankle.

A doctor who specializes in the treatment of the feet practices podiatry and is called a 
podiatrist. A  pedorthist  specializes in the use and modification of footwear to treat 
problems related to the lower limbs.

The cave-man did not wear shoes. Humans usually wear shoes or similar footwear for 
protection from hazards when walking outside. Footwear are usually made of leather, 
suede or other materials. Slip-ons are worn inside the house are usually made of soft 

cotton or natural fibers. 
There are a number of contexts where it is considered inappropriate to wear shoes. Some 
people consider it rude to wear shoes in the house. Hindus go inside the places of 
worship barefooted. In Indian villages, footwear is removed in the courtyard of the house 
and feet are washed with water. This is considered sacred and hygienic.
Footwear in modern times are not just functional i.e to protect the feet but are a 
status symbol.
Luxury Fashion houses take pride in crafting hand-made fancy footwear.

                                                      Indian Culture

Image result for A child touching the feet of his parents

Indian children touch the feet of their parents, grandparents or any elderly members and 

take their blessings. It is considered to be a sign of respect and a lesson in humility. 

Priests and religious heads too are respected in this way. 

                                       Kolhapuri Chappal (footwear) 

                                   Image result for kolhapuri chappal
Traditional Kolhapuri Chappal (slip-ons) is exquisitely and eco-friendly as these are 

handcrafted pure leather ethnic footwear. That is made in various villages and towns in 

Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, India. Due to the art of making, natural quality and 

limited and unique traditional touch in them, leather Chappal, leather Sandals are 

popular. Using these chappals  is beneficial for health. They are quite sturdy, 

durable, comfortable and long lasting in use. The kolhapur chappals (footwear) have 

the GI tag.

                                                  Jaipur Foot

                                    Image result for Jaipur foot

Designed in and named after Jaipur, India, the prosthetic leg was designed to be 
inexpensive, water-resistant, and quick to fit and manufacture. The idea of the Jaipur 
Foot was conceived by Ram Chander Sharma in 1968 under the guidance of Dr. P.K. Sethi, 
who was then the head of the Department of Orthopedics at a Medical college in Jaipur. 
The Jaipur foot has helped many a physically-challenged person assimilate more easily in 
a semi-urban or rural setup in the Indian subcontinent and other developing countries.

                                                      Care of the feet
Many people experience foot pain at some point. By exercising the feet the overall health 
and flexibility can be maintained
The feet can be massaged with Coconut oil at night just before sleeping. One can wear 
cotton socks.
The feet can be immersed in a tub of lukewarm water and relaxed.

Foot exercises are simple and require no equipment and can be done at home.
Check for feet exercises here. 

Note : consult your doctor before attempting this yoga posture.


The pilot came from humble background and had his feet firmly on the ground.
The landscape artist, a hearing impaired, bagged the prestigious award and he had not 
let the grass grow under his feet.
The groom a fire-fighter, developed cold feet and he backed out of the wedding. 
A milliner, he was, fell at the feet of his wife who threatened to divorce him.

    Readers, tell us about your foot exercise regime or feet-care techniques.

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  2. Wow! Such an informative post and so interesting too. You covered Jaipur Foot too!! I like how you share info about every aspect of our parts of body, Kalpana! Very cool and innovative theme.
    A question... Is there a scientific reason/benefit of touching feet of elders??


      Shilpa Garg, check this.

      Thanks for the appreciation, Shipa.

  3. It is regarded as rude in Hungary to go into someone's house without taking your shoes off...

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. There is a scientific reason behind the removal of shoes. The soles of footwear are rich in dirt and living micro-organisms. These should not enter the house and thus hygiene is maintained.

      Thanks A Tarkabarka H. for visiting my blog.

  4. This is such a detailed post on foot. It also happens to be one of the most ignored part of the body. Appreciate the efforts that have gone into writing this amazing post

    1. We always take our body parts for granted and ignore them. Feet bear the whole weight of our body and hence are very important. Thanks Sonia C for visiting my blog.

  5. A great idea for the A to Z. I hope it goes well for you and good luck reaching the Letter Z. I suspect letters like Z are tricky

    Rob Z Tobor

    1. Letters like Z are tricky. but then accepting tricky challenge are fun. Thanks Rob Z T. for reading and commenting.

  6. Amazing thing! You're doing this for every letter? Wow! You covered not only the biology but also so much else! Even culture! :D Hats off to you!
    And so glad to connect with you through this AtoZ.
    Find my F post @ 5 Must-Have Fitness Tools for Home Workout

    1. Thanks Chicky K for the encouragement. i too am glad that I connected you through A to Z Challenge.

  7. Great post, combining biology, culture, traditions. Since I'm from Europe, all the Indian habits are very new to me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is nice to know about a different culture, isnt it , Andrea. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  8. You know what? Until today a foot was no more than something that held me upright or twelve inches! A wonderfully informative post - I'll never take them in vain again.

    Thanks so much for your visits during A-F week!

    1. Take care of your feet, Keith. They bear the whole body weight on them. Thanks for the appreciative comment. Keep visiting my blog.

  9. You have left nothing for readers to add! What started as a lesson on anatomy of foot soon changed into an interesting account of footwear, Jaipur leg, care to be taken for healthy feet and finally usage of phrases and idioms of feet.Very informative post.

  10. Thanks for the overwhelming appreciation for my post. Do keep reading my posts.

  11. Thanks for all the tips to take care of ones feet

  12. I was reading about your mention of footwear. One thing that affects feet badly is to wear pencil thin high heels. My daughter who is in the eighth grade is very tall. She stands at 5 foot 7 and she still wants to wear high heels. It is a problem to wean her away from these and we have purchased her a pair of Kolhapure chappals for casual use and allow her to have her way and wear the heels only on rare occasions. Another thing it is imperative to make sure that be it children or adults shoes fit properly or they may harm the feet. And yes, in India we touch our elders feet. I have not come across this is any other country.

    1. Thanks Jai for reading my post in detail. Wearing pencil heels and being on the feet for longer period is detrimental to the health of soles, ankles and spine. Doctors advice flat and comfortable footwear fit for every different occasion. I see people wearing flip-flops and other open footwear for brisk walks.


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