Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Catch me if you can


 A situational prompt - You are at a fair and you get a note – “Catch me if you can!” 


                                     Photo by Matt Bowden on Unsplash

My Kolhapuri chappals scurried with apprehensions. The crescendo of heartbeats 

resonated in my ears. Will I find what I am looking for? My palms were sweating and the 

crumpled note, “Catch me if you can? “, acted as an absorbent tissue.  Who stuffed the 

note in my palm? I do not remember. Maybe it was when I was alighting from the roller 

coaster. The village fair din added to my confusion. I asked the villagers for the direction 

of the banyan tree. This was the clue in the note.

I stood under the shade of the giant tree. I looked around. “Dig here”, a paper pinned on 

the bark of the tree sent my nerves racing.  A small mound of earth caught my attention. 

I genuflected and pushed aside the soil with my bare hands. I held it in between my 

thumb and index finger and brought it to the level of my eyes. I stared at it. A talisman. I 

looked around. The cacophony of the fair vanished. Silence reigned.

The buzz on my cell phone pierced into my sleeping ears. I snoozed it. Damn. I am late 

for duty. My fingers ran into my hair. I splashed water on my face pulling the curtain 

down on the hangover of a dream. Looking up into the mirror, I saw the talisman around 

my neck.

                      #TellTaleThursday with Anshu Priya

word count : 225




  3. Oh wow.. Cleverly spun kalpana.. Liked the visual description... Worked like an absorbent tissue and the last one where she finds thr talisman hanging around her neck are quite good

  4. Brilliantly weaved narration and heart pounding. The end is simply ecstatic Kalpana.

  5. Loved he ending, Kalpana. that was done brilliantly.

  6. Wow, that is indeed rather chilling. A really good story. It has been a long time since I wrote fiction of any kind. It is high time I picked up the threads where I left them.

    Here is one I wrote some time back.

  7. This is so well written, Kalpana. I loved your word play here.


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