Wednesday 8 May 2019


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Leader : Namaste!!! , Do I need to introduce myself? 

                                        Image result for picture of hands doing namaste
Hands folded and flashing a wide grin.

Person 1 : Never seen you?

Rolling his eyes, the person turns the other way.

Person 2 :  I care not who you are. 

Picking the newspaper , he covers his face to avoid the leader's glance.

Leader : well, er, I am contesting for the Lok Sabha elections (Lower House of the Parliament) . I am splashed all over the newspapers and.....

Person 3 : I read only Corporate news and Sports.

Leader : How sporting of you.!!! 

The grin widens and so does his malice.

Person 4 : What is your party symbol?

Leader : Good question, concerned Nagrik (Citizen). A cast iron skillet is our symbol. Easy to remember.

Person 4 : Is it??? 

A sarcastic smirk makes its appearance  on the expensive business suit.

Air hostess: Leader, please take your seat and fasten your seat belt.

Leader: No hitting below the belt, Hawaii sundari (air-hostess).

And he breaks into peals of laughter.

The eyeballs of the air hostess pop out. She moves ahead, 
closing the windows of the overhead cabins.
Air hostess 2 : He is more stupid in person than on Television.  


Air hostess 1 : Shush. He might overhear you. 

All the passengers are seated and the cabin crew take their positions. The giant bird is airborne. Seat belts are unfastened.

Leader gets up from his seat and again with his hands folded. 

I will propel the country to a smooth take-off towards Vikas( prosperity) if I am elected. 

Person 3 : India Inc. is already cruising on the path of prosperity. 

Person 4 :  what is the significance of your party symbol?

Leader: Rubbing his hands in glee and flashing his dimples.

Again a very intelligent question, concerned Nagrik (citizen). Our cast iron skillet will whip up mouth-watering and healthy gastronomical delights reminding you of your grandma's cooking. Healthy food will usher into a new era. 

Person 1 : Nani yaad aayegi.( difficult task to be accomplished)

Leader smiles , winks and walks to embrace person 1.  

Person 1 is flabbergasted.  The aircraft resonates with boisterous laughter and applause.


           The object prompt is: a cast iron skillet.  The setting prompt is: an airplane.

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