Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The lost illusion

I kneaded the moist sand
with my bare hands
each grain rubbed my palm
and I felt a certain calm.

the warm rays filtering
on the surface of waves ,dancing.
Birds with the winds wrestling
hurry to their fledgling.

soaked into the fragrance of love
the aroma kissed my each curve
my mind danced with every move
my gaze never swerve.

castle , out of nothing I raised
blossomed , as I smiled.
unaware of the danger rolling
a wave battered my spirit , lashing.

I cried over the destruction
was it reality or a mere illusion?
I wove my dream
on a running stream.

stared , as it did away melt
but the pain in my heart dwelt.
retracing my steps , last
I tore away from my past.




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