Saturday, 9 November 2013


Once again a beautiful prompt by Write Tribe......................... 

take your pick of one or all of these quotes from Hemingway and weave it/them into a story, a piece of non-fiction, a poem even.

“Never to go on trips with anyone you do not love.”   (A Moveable Feast)


Anjali  rubbed both her palms while her bua (paternal aunt) poured coconut oil gingerly. The oil softened the caked up hennaed design and the flakes started to fall off exposing  a bright orange intricate symmetric and asymmetric patterns covering her fair palms. When she washed off her hands under the running water , the oil acted a filament , glistening and reflecting the intricate design carved for the upcoming 
ring (engagement) ceremony.


Her bua admiring her palms declared that the it was a good omen that the colour had come out in darker hues indicating the perinneal bond of love between the would-be couple. Everybody went into a wild frenzy of 'aahs' and 'oohhs'. Anjali looked at her palms. The intricate patterns on her hands were reflective of the raging tempests in her mind. The sharp hair-pins bends of the floral design cornered her into uncertainty and indecision. A series of tears burst from the dam of constricted emotions and formed a small pond in her cupped palms. Her long eyelashes could not act as a barrier to hold them back. A tiny sigh escaped her throat and she was now crying hysterically. Everyone around her began to tease and pinch her reminding that it's okay to feel the pangs of separation  from the maternal home for a bride.

Her bua shooed all the relatives and said that the bride needed rest and solitude. Anjali was ushered into a room and when they were alone only with each other for company then the bua lovingly asked the real reason for the outburst. Anjali wailed louder and tried to suppress her sobs in her cupped palms.

Her bua smiled and said , "life is one long trip. Never to go on trips with anyone you do not love.”

There was enough time between the ring ceremony and the wedding and things would be worked out , reasoned the aged bua.

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