Thursday, 12 December 2013



People , people , people
tall , short , complicated or simple
fat, stout , crooked , mean
God-fearing , honest , clean.

Ambitious , lazy , alcoholic
beautiful , bold , workaholic 
thousands and million
like earthly galaxies zillion.

searching for a friend
without any end.
hunting for a partner
in every nook and corner.

finding a soul-mate
or resigned to the fate
a big nest and empty heart
shabby thoughts and clothes smart.

Is it not possible?
to find a soul compatible
in the desert of parched human
speak up , all men and women.

Push aside the curtains of thy mind
open the doors of your heart
not one , but many you will find
hands to join and never to part.


People people people , everywhere.
be a good soul
and you will find many
every where , every where , every where.

P.S. : We always tend to crib and complain that it is heard to find a good friend , partner or soul-mate. There are many others on an identical mission. Wait. Try to match the frequency wave. A give and a take , balances the equation. Be a good person and you will never walk alone. Readers , do you agree with me???

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