Friday, 13 December 2013



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My son has stepped into his teens. The adolescent phase brings about physical and mental changes. The mental metamorphosis is marred by the changes in moods, irritability , asserting himself which may have gone unnoticed by the outside world.

The physical changes are distinct and marked by hoarse voice, rapid rise in height and sprouting of a faint hairline curve above the lips and sprouting of fine facial hair giving many a 'hair-raising ' experience. His class-mates being some months older to him have already advanced to full blown facial hair giving an unkempt and shabby façade.
Seeing his class-mates resemble a grizzly bear, he has vowed to go for a clean shaven neat look at an appropriate time. I smile at his wise decision.

Before stepping out of the threshold , he glances at the mirror  and asks for my opinion. Off-late he is taken to spraying perfume on his clothes. The fragrance spreading in the house is making me sniff after his generous overdose. I ignored him. From the periphery  of the eye , I caught him looking at me for approval. I smiled . He took the hint and started to pack his satchel to attend tuition classes. I know soon I will have to make space for an after-shave lotion and a shaving kit.

My eyes are moist. It was only yesterday that I brought him wrapped in soft , warm, cotton clothes from the hospital . Today he stands tall and  proud at 176 cms. And I am a proud mother. How time flies........................

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