Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Since I was a child, I had heard the stories of Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Mallegan and Vasco-da-Gama travelling around the globe trying to discover newer places. As a tiny tot, I used to imagine myself to be one of these seafarers. But as I grew up, the realization dawned on me that my dream could not morph into reality. But I was always keen on travelling to places I had never been before. Almost every day I used to see the advertisements about different travel packages printed on the glossy pages of the daily newspapers and travel magazines. 

Switzerland has always been on my travel-list due to its exotic quotient and is considered the Mecca of tourism. The snow clad Alps beckons the traveller in me.

 Zurich's downtown offers a unique mixture of attractions – over 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries,  Lucerne is the essence of Switzerland . Interlaken considered the adventure capital of Switzerland are some of the place that I would love to visit.

After choosing of the destination, comes the most difficult part, tour planning. Just like all information-gatherers, I too visited and was fascinated by the breath-takingly beautiful  images displayed on the website. But the prices mentioned on the page were too high. I read about Skyscanner on Indiblogger. Skyscanner is travel info website which provides one with info of the cheapest flights, hotels, travel packages available, etc. Booking through Skyscanner can save time , money and energy. A mine of information was at the click of a button.


I was provided the option of all the flights flying to the Swiss country. I further had the option to sort out the flights according to ‘price per adult’, ‘total journey time’, ‘number of stops’ and the most important ‘time of arrival and departure’.

I further had the option to sort out the flights according to ‘price per adult’, ‘total journey time’, ‘number of stops’ and the most important ‘time of arrival and departure’.

Gone are the days to book costly and uncomfortable flights, hotels, etc. After the flight booking process, I was offered the choice for the cheapest but comfortable hotels and service apartments.  I was offered the choice for the cheapest but comfortable hotels and service apartments and was spoilt for choice with a wide array of accommodation.

 After the booking of hotels comes the option to book taxi cabs for sightseeing at the cheapest rates possible. I was really impressed on seeing that the final payment was to be made through recommended travel agents AFTER one planned the WHOLE tour and was assured comfort throughout the stay.

I have 'liked' the Skyscanner Facebook Page and spread a words among my close friends. Maybe we could all plan together to visit this travel destination and try to avail of group booking discounts.

Travel alone or travel with family/friends. Travel light and smart with Skyscanner.

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Google Images.

The wine-taster.


The three words are Devout, Indulgent, Smug.

Devout : Ardent , keen
Indulgent : generous , fond

Smug : superior 
His indulgent tastes
made him a devout sommelier
He thought that the rich
were smug and deserved
to be treated well.
before serving them, he
stealthily had a sip of wine.

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


                              Lillie McFerrin Writes

Five Sentence Fiction – Furious

This week the prompt is : FURIOUS

The high tide at this time of  twilight  saw the furious waves lash against the cement tetra-pods sending a swirl of surf and sprinkling moisture on the parapet of the Marine Drive where I sat in a pensive mood while the cool breeze caressed my cheeks and the smell of the sea assailed my olfactory nerves.


The scenario seems to reflect my inner state of my turmoil-ed mind as nothing was going right for me; and I was left with my professional career curve dipping , my girl-friend avoided me like plague and the whole Universe has decided to conspire against me.

I was contemplating  the ticking hands of the wrist watch when a vibrating sensation on my right hip pocket broke the chain of my thoughts and I absentmindedly pulled it out to see a familiar number flash on the screen.

"Your book has been nominated for the Critics Choice Award " , said Angela ," and the sales are sky-rocketing."

I looked up at the twinkling crimson sky as my career , my sweetheart Angela, are smiling at me and the whole Universe is at my feet.

                  For : Lillie McFerrin Writes - Five Sentence

Ibrahim Roza ,Bijapur.


Ibrahim Roza is one of the brilliant specimens of Muslim architecture in Bijapur, Karnataka , India. The construction of the tomb of Ibrahim Roza is credited to Ibrahim Adil Shah II. Ibrahim Adil Shah II constructed this tomb as a tribute to his queen Taj Sultana. It is designed by a Persian architect, Malik Sandal

Ibrahim Roza is counted among one of the most beautiful evidences of Islamic architecture. Ibrahim-Roza in Bijapur strongly signifies elegance and detailing of artwork. It features minarets that rise up to a height of 24 meters and is believed to be the inspiration for the lovely minarets of the Taj Mahal. 

 This tomb is an exquisite place, which provide the visitors an insight into the elegant Muslim architecture of the time. This splendid structure consists of interconnected buildings. They are richly decorated with wall sculptures and wall hangings belonging to the ancient age when Adil Shah II lived. 

It is estimated that this tomb was constructed between 15 th to 17 th century. Ibrahim Roza and a mosque are set in a walled garden facing a lovely ornamental pond. Minarets mark the corners of every building, and the dome above rises from a lotus petal base. Ibrahim-Roza, Bijapur is a place worth visiting in Bijapur to experience the rich culture of the place. The tomb is supposed to have been an inspiration for the Taj Mahal at Agra.

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                                                  Information and picture taken from Google.

Monday, 10 March 2014



Refer page no 26 paragraph 6 of your History text-book”.

Able was I ere I saw Elba, was uttered by Napoleon, continued the 

History teacher.

“Daisy madam, is this a palindrome?” asked Jack.


word count : 33

Trifecta has challenged the writers to use only 33 words with a

 palindrome  to complete a story. I have used a sentence palindrome

 and 2 word palindromes and are highlighted in red.

For : Trifecta Writing Challenge

return :haiku


This week’s prompt is “return“.

fledglings in the nest                                                         wait, mouths wide open
Mama bird brings worms        

his final journey                                                                     
to land of no return
prayers said , pyre lit.

For :  haiku horizons

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lost childhood , home forgotten

                                                          Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler 

Peeling plaster of  memories
uprooted upholstery of warm days
disheveled thoughts of days gone by
mind's room of childhood era 
lay in ruins, forgotten, un-cared.

The floor where we waltzed
has lost its sheen.
of shy dancing smiles
and hidden crushes.
Love's now lost forever.

arm of the chair
where I perched
rests in moth decay.

Under its illumination 
I became wiser in 
the company of books,
Alas! lamp now unlit and dark.

Old black and white T.V.
brings back images of
sibling camaraderie 
Now stands abandoned
with unplugged connection.

The heat and hearth 
aroma wafting outside.
insects thrive
spider's feast 
cobweb's home.

I ran out with nostalgia
looked back with fear
would these ghosts
of happier days haunt me?

               For :  Magpie Tales 


Friday, 7 March 2014

Inspire a change

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                               Women Inspire Change : International Women's Day

When I gaze in the mirror
a figure reflects back in fear
a pair of eyes , blue
more questions and no clue
a aquiline nose , inherited
from a father inebriated
thin lips , bereft of a smile
words marooned on an isle
Lower your eyelashes O! daughter
Oft echoes  from mother.

As I gaze in the mirror
the facial terrain are your
O father!  Stare back I will
O mother! take a chill pill.
but a mind inside 
is mine , needs no guide.
As i will walk
alone , with no-one to stalk.
On my chosen path
I will face the smile or wrath 
of my life's hurdles

As I gaze in the mirror
an image morphs , clearer
as it spreads a beam of light
a grin, words sprouting bright.
I stare back at me 
I inspire myself with glee
I adore myself as a treasure
as I have battled  for sure
to become me and be myself
God asked : Do you need help?


Do not wait for a man to pronounce a woman as his equal.
We are happy and satisfied in our own flaws and inequalities. Five unequal fingers constitute a hand which  picks up things .

 Words , proverbs , books and sermons will only inspire but the inspiration has to be inhaled  and  felt in the mind and heart to change for the better. There is no better person to inspire than self. So whom are we waiting for? Be your own friend , guide philosopher, crutch and band-aid.

Thanks you Corinne and Write Tribe for the fantastic seven fun-filled days of learning and laughter.

                 For : Write Tribe Festival Of Words 3

I share an old post of mine. Do read it.

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                             I’m celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by blogging for the #WomenInspire Campaign sponsored by USC’s masters degree in social work program. Join the blog carnival to honor a woman who has inspired you!

USC'S Women Inspire Campaign

There is a latent 'Shero' in every woman and she should bring the 'Shero' in forefront to show to the world that she is not ' weaker sex'. Woman , be your own 'shero'  and carve your own path and be master of your own destiny.