Friday, 26 June 2015



As his mother read his favourite bed-time story,

sleep kissed Johnny’s eyelashes.

The darkness of the night embraced 

the blanket of darkness of his eyes.

Tomorrow would be another day for her but……………

                          Written for :   A Prompt Each Day

heal the world


international yoga day
heal mind, body

green canopy
lungs of the Earth
heal environment

prayer recited
balm on soul, troubled
heal the world

Written for  :  A Prompt Each Day

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The inner Me.

                       Image result for two mirror images holding hands

Swimming against the tide of surging humanity,

I longed to reach the shore.

A figure waved frantically

Familiar face, smiling, serene.

Firm handshake.

We walked on the beach, moonless night

Sharing nostalgia, hands clasped tight.

My mirror image. Me, met my soul.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015


He could feel the chill and the moisture on his goggles.

The blue expanse beckoned his adrenaline.

Fascination for aquatics ran in his family.

A different depth challenged him and his body took the plunge.

The unfurled parachute brought him to terra-firma.


Sunday, 14 June 2015



Circumambulating the holy fire

I ceased to be me
Our souls  became one
My trust I reposed in you

Imprisoned on the tiny island

O! Rama , thou built a bridge of faith
Rescued  my loneliness 
My trust trumpted to victory

Alas! My joys shortlived

A washerman stained my shadow
Your Kingdom cast a doubt
your  wedding wows unfulfilled

Holy flames untouched me

My trust in you charred
reduced to ashes my soul
Did Sita question your chastity?

with indignity , I refuse to live
Mother Earth, open up your bosom

Deep down your crust,  I trust 
To be buried peacefully.


Written for  :  A Prompt Each Day 

Friday, 12 June 2015


This Week: Phrase Prompt
Powerful yet graceful
This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,
Eloquent Mind

Prophesied as the future Beauty Queen, she had the world at her feet.

Her conviviality with co-contestants, articulate answers to the judge’s

questions and her propensity to charm the media made her an 

uncrowned Queen.

Her Swarovski studded diaphanous evening gown vied with the galaxy 

of stars above.

A swirl of the gown brought her to the ground, literally.

A collective gasp ensued.

But true to the training imparted, she discarded the broken stiletto

and completed the ramp-walk with a smile. 

Thunderous applause echoed.

The media labelled her walk as powerful yet graceful.

The crown was lost but hearts captured.

                                                  Written for :  Wordy Wednesday


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Kitchen capers.

Kitche picture prompt

The light green Chinese paper lanterns and picture frames were hand-picked 

from Crawford Market. The crockery cupboard designed by her was made 

from the finest teak. The wooden windows allowed the morning sunlight

to seep in spreading warmth. A pen and paper lay to scribble notes

Each piece of cutlery was in place. Her kitchen was her domain, her pride. 

The family sat at the table for lunch. She stood and watched the 

metamorphosis of her kids into adults as she had tears in her eyes.

They could only feel her lingering presence. Annie was the soul of this 

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Thanks Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the lovely picture prompt.

Also linking to A Prompt Each Day


Bark and bite

He chained her freedom and fed her on morsels of charity.

His whining would sear every layer of her soul.

Dipping her teeth into poison she gnawed deep into his every


Taken aback, not a sound escaped from the ferocious hound.


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

late for school


school bell rings
wrought iron gates shut
headmaster stares 

headmaster stares
student late
points to blackboard

points to blackboard 
thought of the day
better late than never.


                                              writtten for   :  A Prompt Each Day 

Monday, 8 June 2015



fresh flowers 
wilted dreams
buried hopes

                          buried hopes
                        coffin of failures
                        dead-ly silence.

Written for :   A Prompt Each Day

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

a bite


The voice sounded strange yet she couldn't ignore it. She blinked and tried to 

turn away but the sound seemed to mesmerise her and percolate into every

pore of hers. The strong magnetism of the unknown had taken its toll on her 

innocence and she was forced to lend her ears to it much against her conscience.

The stranger coiled and hissed with wicked intentions and implored her to take 

the fatal bite.   

She succumbed to the evil charms and the bite sealed her fate. The Eden of 

abundance banished her and marooned her into the whirlpool of struggle and


Alas! The stranger still lurks in the dark raising  the ugly hood and baring the 

poisonous fangs waiting for its prey.

Image result for image of Eve and Satan

                                                   Written for : A Prompt Each Day

Thank you Sfurti Juztamom for the word prompt Stranger.

Friday, 5 June 2015

rose petals

June 3

The Feng Shui expert warned me against storing dried and dead things 

but these crumpled, shrivelled petals have infused life and vigour into me.

As a shift nurse, I had to dispense potions to the in-house patients.

Annie held a bright pink rose and smiled. I didn't. She plucked the petals 

and asked me to inhale the happiness.  

The next day, the rose lay withered on the bed next to her pale body. 

I picked the six petals, each for a year she lived and enriched lives with 

her sunny smile and diseased body.

Annie’s smile adorns my face.

                       written for  :  Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge


Meandering fluidity
barricades erected
changing course,
altering fate.

Treasures of the womb
dug out with greed
and not need
porous Earth.

Green canopy pruned
to build shelters.
bare and brown
stands the planet

Creating clones
the genetic seeds destroyed.
mighty Ganges sullied
land reclamations

Anger bursts from my seams
 molten lava spews
Tsunamis roll out from my heart.
When I grind my teeth and
clench my jaws, the crust shakes
tumbles and quakes.

Mercury soars
 there is no respite
famine and helplessness reigns
Mother Earth scream at her little children.
Stop this destruction!
we have only one Earth to live on.


                                                       written for :  Wordy Wednesday

This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal,



behind veil of clouds
I shyly look down
blush, my reflection.