Thursday, 31 October 2013

Lighting up lives.

People throng to the Queen's necklace in South Mumbai to enjoy  the breeze ,  sea , bhelpuri  and the Queen's necklace which is illuminated to resemble a solitaire neck-piece befitting a royal. 

Imagine the power failure disturbs and disrupts your rendezvous and the place is plunged into darkness and you are groping , trying to find your way and mind out of the blackness.

The tribal families at Awarpada, a tribal hamlet of Wankas near Dahanu are comfortable with the darkness around them , after sunset as they have never seen and experienced the joys of electrification. It is very hard to believe that this is the situation after 66 years of independence and the launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission called Mangalyaan

But 27th October 2013 , was a red letter day in the lives of the tribal when the Mitra Foundation , a non-profit organisation , distributed solar lamps to the 125 families which can be charged even at a low 30 degree Celsius temperature. The lamps are made easy to handle and are portable.

The joy was writ on the faces of the tribals.  Admist the glow of the lamps they celebrated Diwali with their benefactors. It is indeed a festival of lights in the tiny hamlet of Awarpada.

This NGO  focuses on providing water and health-care to the tribals. It regularly organizes medical camps and has significantly contributed to the betterment of this hamlet.

Such NGO's are like the proverbial ray of hope illuminating the lives of a backward section of the society , trying to uplift them in their own way. But these achievements are literally a drop in the vast ocean as there are many pockets , some far-flung and remote while some sadly , at the periphery of the cities but lie unattended , unwanted and uncared  as these simple lives do not make much of a difference to the vote-banks or the bottom-lines of any corporate balance-sheets. But as citizens of our country they too should benefit from the liberalization and globalization policies made in the corridors of power.

Readers , should the fruits of progress be shared by one and all or should it be confined only to a particular section of the society ? and why?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


What brings you comfort? Poetry? Music? A big old chair? Manicures or pedicures? Coffee or tea? Ice cream? Mom or Dad? Partners? A Higher Power?


 A woven fantasy of
six and twenty pearls
   a treasure-house 
       of wisdom . 

        A quiet companion,  
awakening my subconscious mind.
           In blissful state,
ignorant of the world around me.
             a guiding light,
a watch-tower of my views.

Shuffling of the bark leaves,
leaves me gasping for more.
The comfort food for thought,
I quench from its creative juices.

      When I close the book,
the tales , characters and plot
come out alive , to escort me
           from Utopia.


                              For :  poetryjaam

The Festival of Lights.

Diwali is the festival of lights and is celebrated ,  for the triumph of good over evil when Lord of Ram returned to Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile. (there are many other versions too)


Diwali  or Deepawali is lighting of clay lamps filled with oil. The diyas (lamps) are placed outside the main door of the house , which is adorned with colourful powders in symmetric or asymmetric patters called 'rangoli'. The whole house is cleaned and in ancient times the house used to be white-washed every year to welcome Goddess Laxmi.
New clothes are worn and traditional sweets are exchanged and partaken.

Crackers are burst with great felicity and people take pride in bursting crackers.

But spare a minute , pause  and think . 

Why are crackers burst?

To celebrate the Deepavali festival, would be the answer. But hey , Deepavali is the festival of lights and noise and cacophony has no place in the celebrations.


The beautiful festival of lights should not be marred by the ear-splitting burst of the 'atom-bombs' and the allied harmful after-effects of the same.

The smoke released from the burnt crackers is an air-pollutant. People suffering from asthma and other related breathing problems are the worst affected by the smoke. Senior citizens and infants are disturbed by the high decibel. Spare a thought to the sick and infirm of the neighbourhood.

The spirit of  Diwali can be celebrated in its pure form. When we light a lamp we are dispelling darkness , darkness of ignorance  and negative thoughts that dwell in the mind. Hence lighting of a lamp is symbolic.

Let us burst crackers but not disturb the neighborhood. The amount of money gone up in the flames could illuminate a poor man's house or fund a poor but deserving student's education.

Let us celebrate the festival of lights for a cause a good cause and keep aside a sum however small it maybe to bring cheer into a fellow being's life. Ma Laxmi will be pleased and shower her choicest blessings.

                                            SUBH DEEPAWALI TO ALL THE READERS.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

cocoon of fantasy.

                Sleeping in the safe folds 
                of the cocoon of fantasy,
                      I weave dreams,
            dreams to cover the nakedness,
                            of reality.

                              Wake up,
                              Shake up,
                          scan the world.

                           Nay, I prefer
                     to close my eyes to
                       the blazing truth.

                       The harsh reality
                  withholds the dreams,
                         sleep eludes.

                              I hibernate
                        to escape reality.
                          but how long?

                                 For : magpietales


    I opened the door
rummaged the wardrobe
     what do I wear?

    the earth rummaged
      by the excavators 
was the noble metal found?

stack of old photos
searched frantically
for lost childhood.

searching for memories
 lost in circle of time
 Alzheimer's disease.

For : haiku heights

Friday, 25 October 2013

Q's and A's

Questions for which I don't really have answers.. Can you answer?

I have tried to find some answers to questions posed by Nischala Murthy. Have a look.


* How  women (who is largely consider the 'weaker sex') find the physical / mental and emotional strength to endure child-birth?

A women is a storehouse of latent energy. She is wrongly judged as the 'weaker sex'.

Childbirth is considered to be a second birth for the lady but she endures it all , for she releases a part of her, after nine months of nurturing in her womb.

* How mothers can be *UNCONDITIONALLY SELFLESS* and *UNIMAGINABLY SELFISH* for their children? It makes you wonder if it is the same person at all?

A mother's love is unconditional and selfless. How can a mother discriminate and  be selfish to a product of her own creation?.

* Why do children take on the father's surname, and not the mothers name; when really how most children turn out is HUGELY DEPENDENT on their MOTHER?

Children are largely dependent on their mothers. Blame the patriarchal societal norms that the child belongs to the father. In matriarchal society (of Nair and Bunt communities) the child takes the mother's 'gotra'.
Laws are changing. A child can now take the mother's name. Bollywood director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has taken his mom's name as his middle name. A long way to go to change and accept mindsets.

* What goes on in the mind and heart of a new born baby? What does he / she think? What does he / she feel?

My mom and grandmom have told me that the first 3 months of the child belong to its previous birth  (I really do not know how) .  When the infant smiles , the fairies play with them. 

* "For Better or For Worse" - How do parents get the strength to endure every thing that a child puts you through?

The children are the 'shaan' and  'guroor' of the parents.  Parents , specially a mother, endures everything that a child puts through as they know that these are the testing times and are always hopeful of the best. This flicker of hope warms their heart even in the biting cold of adversities and hence they endure for their kids.

Readers , do you have any different answers? Please feel free to share and many brains on parenting make the broth more tasty.

Hidden from the world.

Introducing 55 on Friday!

Vidya Sury 28.10 (7)

photo credit

No bee hovers around the vibrantly coloured ,fragrance 

filled flower, sitting besides the stone far away from 

human eye. The characters in the pages come out alive to 

befriend ,tease ,play and converse with her, unheard and 

unseen from all.

Who will reason with her step-mother that this  girl can 

cast an evil eye?

For : Write Tribe.

                                     55 on Friday #WriteTribe
                                                Written , in response  to  Vidya Suri's  prompt on Write Tribe's 55 on Friday.


This time your entry has to have one sentence that is repeated at least thrice in your post.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality” -Earl Nightingale

Staring at my S.S.C (Senior Secondary Certificate) mark-list , I was aghast and the next thought that came to my mind was how I would face my mom. The figures reflected the quantity and quality of effort put unwillingly by me while my classmates regaled with satisfied smiles and laughter at their score-card. My teacher gave a scornful look while handing over the piece of paper as if the judge had awarded me a death sentence. My classmates  said nothing to me but Shreya , my best friend , squeezed my shoulder as a sign of paying condolences to  me.

With poor statistics ,  the prestigious junior colleges refused entry into their tall gates. My classmates and me were segregated by a barrier , a barrier caused by a wafer thin paper called mark-sheet. Only I was to be blamed for this situation. I wish I had made better use of time and my potential.

                         I WISH I HAD LISTENED TO MY MOM

 I came to the city of my dreams much against the wishes on my mom. I had to prove to her, to the world and to myself that I could achieve a lot and was not a failure. I wanted my mom to be proud of me.

Endowed with good natural looks  and a towering personality , my entry into the modelling profession was smooth. This fraternity embraced me lovingly with open arms as much as I embraced it into a tight hug. 

Print advertisements , ramp walks and photo-shoots came up my way and Ma Laxmi paved my road to success. Here the statistics of my SSC mark-sheet was not valid but vital statistics mattered. 

 I saved enough money to buy a 2BHK flat in Mumbai while my classmates were preparing for exams and spending pocket-money.  I was living in and out of suitcases and I had become a gypsy, globe-trotting the world, condensed to a village.

Missed calls from Shreya accumulated in my cell-phone . The varying time-zones made it difficult for me to keep in touch with my loved ones. Intention to do so was weaker.

The glitz and the glamour of this make-believe world made me lose my self. I had the world at my feet but mom cautioned me of the path strewn with thorns. But the melody of the jingling of the silver coins made me turn a deaf ear. 

                        I WISH I HAD LISTENED TO MY MOM 

The daily booze , drugs and fame was a deadly concoction and I had injected it into my veins. My devil-care attitude , arrogance and  lack of respect for the very people who propelled to stardom , caused my downfall. 

The flood of modelling offers started to trickle down and eventually dried up. But I refused to see the signals and saw red in all advises hinted by the well-wishers.

I was alone in my Mumbai flat. With time to while away and negative thoughts crowding my head , I became a slave to my daily dose.

The telephone rang. Shreya had to attend a  job interview for the post of a trainee engineer at a reputed firm in Mumbai and would stay with me for two days. How would I face Shreya?  I would be branded as a failure.

 I consumed an extra dose of barbiturates.....................

Shreya turned on the television set in her living room. The news of suicide of a famous model was flashing on the screen. 

A note was found  I WISH I HAD LISTENED TO MY MOM               
                                                                                                      was scrawled on it.

P.S. :- This story is purely fictional and does not intend to show disrespect to any person or profession nor aims to glorify the figures on the report-card.Any resemblance to a person or incident is purely co-incidental.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. We give out themes for creative writing each weekend for Indian bloggers.

Thursday, 24 October 2013



 Mirror Mirror on the wall                
a friend on call
The new hair cut
the winter embroidered coat
Thou reflected with sincere.


Mirror Mirror on the wall
Why do we always brawl?
the pimple , acne or a bad hair
Why do you reflect it so fair?
A white lie will make me feel bigger.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
look , I am so tall
on the run , just a glance
Heavy literature , no fun and dance
till  i finish University.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
who does in my heart dwell?
roses on my cheek
inhaling Cupid's aroma , eyes speak.
Life is a dream.

Mirror mirror on the wall

I am on the way to aisle , entrall
The kohl-ed eyes and jewels jingle
jasmine fragrance and blush mingle
Most happiest moment, I bask.


The umbilical cord was snapped apart
and you bonded with my heart.                                                            
with my unclear sight
I stared at the blue in your eyes, bright
reflecting back my tears,
I wiped them. Shrugged my fears.

Mirror Mirror, You can wait
while with my joy , I date  

Mirror Mirror on the wall
my salt and pepper crown , dual
I smile back with content
every fulfilled dreamt.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Thanks for the times all
Time is nearing with every breath
hold my finger , a new journey , dear death.

Mirror is a constant companion, a true friend from childhood to death , reflecting faithfully without fear and favour. Though  mute on the wall , it speaks voluminous truth , whether we like it or not.

Read this beautiful poem  Mirror by Slyvia Plath.

For :  poetryjaam  


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lucky me.


I always considered myself not so lucky where gift vouchers , freebies and contests are concerned. Even in the ladies kitty parties the pittance prize money for participating to win in Tambola (Housie) too eludes me. 

But today the jinx is broken and I am one of the twenty recipients of the early bird vouchers from Flipcart worth Rs. 500/- . The contest was organised by Blogadda , Do Right Stories  : An initiative by Tata Capital. 

You can read my post here.

I  am one of the two winners of the Kwikdeko Wall decal. You can check it here.

One can buy Kwikdeko wall decal , to decorate the wall , door or any surface, for yourself or you can gift it to your friends.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Grey :Haiku.

my school uniform
    grey in colour
grey cells acquired.

grey cells acquired
from life's school
experiences for life.

experiences of life                                
bitter and sweet
   grey crown.

                                                      For : Haiku Heights

                                                        For : Poets United



World osteoporosis day is celebrated on October 20 every year.  It is 'celebrated' by creating awareness about the health problem , its causes and preventive measures. Women are at a greater risk of osteoporosis after menopause which can lead to chances of risk of painful fractures.

Osteoporosis ("porous bones", from Greek: is a progressive disease of the bone that is characterised by a decrease in bone mass and density and that leads to an increased risk of fracture. In osteoporosis the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced .

In childhood, our bones grow and repair and renew quickly.  Bones stop growing in length between the ages of 16 and 18, but the bones continue to increase in density till the age of late 20s. Bones are the thickest and strongest in early adult life.But as one ages the constant growth , repair and renewal slows down and the bones become weaker and are more susceptible to fractures.
After the age of 35 , one gradually and slowly loses bone density. This is a normal part of ageing, but for some people it can lead to osteoporosis and an increased risk of fractures and women are at greater after menopause.

               Who are affected by osteoporosis?

Both man and women are affected by this disease but is more common in older people but younger people can be affected.
Women are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis than men. This is because changes in hormone levels can affect bone density. The female hormone oestrogen is essential for healthy bones. After the menopause the level of oestrogen in the body falls, and this can lead to a rapid decrease in bone density. 
Women are at even greater risk of developing osteoporosis when:
Some women have menopause before the age of 45.
Some women undergo hysterectomy , a surgical procedure to remove the womb (uterus)
Some women become victims of fad diets.

For most men who develop osteoporosis, the cause is unknown. However, there is a link to the male hormone testosterone, which helps to keep the bones healthy. Men continue to produce this hormone into old age, but the risk of osteoporosis is increased in men with low levels of testosterone.
  • Factors that increase the risk of osteoporosis.
              diseases of the hormone producing glands
              a family history of osteoporosis.
             long-term use of certain medications that affect bone strength or
             hormone levels.
             Heavy drinking and smoking
             A low Body Mass Index of 19 or less 
             Rheumatoid  arthritis
             Some drugs used in Treatment of breast cancer and prostate cancer
             Long periods of inactivity, such as long-term bed rest
             Disorders of pituitary gland


Healthy people usually would not suffer from fractures. Osteoporosis has no outward 

symptoms but  its main consequence is the increased risk of bone fractures and 

hence they are therefore regarded as fragility fractures. Fractures occur in 

the vertebral column, rib , hip and wrist.

A simple cough or a sneeze may cause the fracture of a rib or the partial collapse of one of the bones of the spine.
A fractured bone in an older person can be serious, depending on where it occurs, and can lead to long-term disability. For example, a hip fracture may lead to long-term problems with mobility.
One visible sign of osteoporosis is the characteristic stooping (bent forward) position that develops in older people. It happens when the bones in the spine are fractured, making it difficult to support the weight of the body.

                                           Is osteoporosis painful?
Osteoporosis usually doesn't cause pain unless a bone is broken as a result of the condition. 

                                               Preventing osteoporosis
It is important that people at risk of osteoporosis take steps to help keep bones healthy and reduce their risk of developing the condition. This may include:
  • regular exercise
  • healthy eating
  • lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and reducing or refrain  alcohol intake.

       Certain foods that reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
Flax-seeds : These seeds may boost bone density and are good for post-menopausal women.
Sunlight :  is a natural and best source of Vitamin D. Exposure to early morning sun-rays  is beneficial.
Tuna and Salmon are also good sources of Vitamin D.
Ragi (Nachani) is very nutritious.
Dairy products like milk , yogurt and paneer are good sources of calcium.
Nuts , Green leafy veggies and whole grains should be consumed.
Taking of calcium supplements under medical advice.
Preventing fractures, preventing falls :
Simple changes can make a difference e.g. do not leave things lying on the floor,
avoid spillage of water. Special handrails and trailing wires should be fitted for support and easy movement. Place anti-slip mats , which are easily available in the market, in bathrooms and near wash-basins. Use of adult diapers at night means no trips to the toilet at night. 
Go for regular checkups to E.N.T.
Your doctor is your best friend. Seek help and advice from your G.P.
Have regular sight and hearing tests.