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Yolk-sac : Parts of the body

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The yolk sac is situated on the ventral aspect of the embryo. It is filled with fluid, the 

vitelline fluid, which possibly may be utilized for the nourishment of the embryo during 

the earlier stages of its existence. Blood is conveyed to the wall of the sac by the 

primitive aortae , and after circulating through a wide-meshed capillary plexus, is 

returned by the vitelline veins to the tubular heart of the embryo. This constitutes the 

vitelline circulation, and by means of its nutritive material is absorbed from the yolk-sac 

and conveyed to the embryo. After the end of the fourth week the yolk-sac presents the 

appearance of a small pear-shaped vesicle  (umbilical vesicle) opening into the digestive 

tube by a long narrow tube, the vitelline duct.


The yolk-sac is also responsible for the initial circulation and is in charge of delivering 

nutrients, via a primitive aorta, to the developing embryo. The yolk-sac provides 

nutrition to the developing embryo until the placenta takes over. 

                                        How does the yolk-sac disappear?

As the pregnancy advances, the yolk-sac progressively increases from the 5th to end of 

the 10th gestational week, following which the yolk sac gradually disappears and is often 

sonographically undetectable after 14-20 weeks.

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